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Lieutenant General Jonathan J. “Jack” O’Neill, USAF (Ret.) is the main character of Stargate: Continued, a supporting character in SG-20, and a recurring character Vampire Slayers Xander Harris Never Trained and Taking Back the Night, fanfiction stories all written by Little_kingsfan2005. He is adapted from the fictional character of the Stargate franchise portrayed by Kurt Russell in the Stargate film and by Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate SG-1Stargate AtlantisStargate: Continuum, and Stargate Universe.

Biography Edit

Commanding Officer of Homeworld Security, Lt. Gen. Jack O’Neill was born in Chicago, but raised in Roseville, Minnesota, a suburb of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. He attended Alexander Ramsey High School, where he played varsity hockey. He graduated near the top of his class in 1970 and was accepted into the United States Air Force Academy after securing a nomination from the US Representative from Minnesota’s 4th congressional district. While at the Academy, he received Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) and light aircraft training (in preparation for fighting in the Vietnam War), and played ice hockey for the Air Force Falcons. Jack graduated in the middle of his class with a degree in Aeronautical engineering.

After graduation, Jack was selected for flight training at Randolph Air Force Base, where he was one of the first to learn how to fly the F-15 Eagle. By the time he had completed flight school, the Vietnam War was over, and Jack decided to concentrate on being a test pilot. He attended the Air Force Institute of Technologywhere he earned a Master’s degree in Aeronautical engineering. In 1977, Jack was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and was assigned to the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base. In addition to the F-15, Jack also test piloted the XB-70 Valkryie high-altitude bomber, the YF-12 interceptor, and the SR-71 Blackbird Strategic Reconnaissance aircraft. A year later, he was invited to attend the USAF Special Operations School at Hurlburt Field in Florida. By 1980, Captain O’Neill was a fully-trained Pararescueman and Special Tactics Officer. He spent the next decade making a name for himself as one of the best Special Operators in theUnited States Armed Forces, and his duties and assignments during this time remain classified (although it is known that he has served with special warfare operators from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and various international units, and has served on all of Earth’s continents except for Antarctica). In 1986, Major O’Neill attended the Air War College, where he earned a degree in Strategic studies. He saw action in Panama with the 24th Special Tactics Squadron and served as a staff officer for Special Operations Command, Europe during the Gulf War. In 1992, Lieutenant Colonel O’Neill relocated to Colorado Springs with his family when he was assigned command of the 1st Space Operations Squadron at Schriever Air Force Base. He was promoted to Colonel in 1994.

In the fall of 1994, after the death of his son, Charlie, Colonel O’Neill led the Abydos Expedition (what was supposed to be a suicide mission), but ended up killing Ra, freeing the Abydonians from the Goa’uld, and inadvertently kicking off the Tau’ri-Goa’uld War. Upon the completion of the assignment, Jack retired from the Air Force and got divorced from his wife, Sara.

When Stargate Command was officially established in 1997, Jack was recalled to active duty. He became the leader of SG-1, the SGC’s flagship team, as well as the base’s 2nd-in-Command. After seven years on SG-1, Jack took a promotion to Brigadier General and was assigned as the Commanding Officer of Stargate Command in 2004, promoting his 2nd-in-command, Major Samantha Carter, to Lieutenant Colonel and naming her the new Commanding Officer of SG-1. A year later, when Gen. Hammond retired from the Air Force after a 40-year career, Jack received his second star and transferred to the Pentagon to serve as Commanding Officer of Homeworld Security.

As Commander, Homeworld Security, Jack is responsible for monitoring Stargate Command, the SGC’s off-world bases, the Tau’ri space fleet, and the Atlantis and Destiny Expeditions, and his command is made up of service members from all five branches of the military. In 2009, Jack was promoted to Lieutenant General. Due to the classified nature of Homeworld Security, Jack’s official position is that of a General Officer attached to the Air Staff.

In 2005, Jack became acquainted with Xander Harris and his Cabal that branched off from the International Council of Slayers and Watchers. Working together, they were able to help Max and Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, three alien refugees that had lived on Earth their entire lives, along with their human friends Liz Evans (who was also Max’s wife), Maria DeLuca, and Kyle Valenti, return home to their lives in Roswell, New Mexico by getting them placed under his jurisdiction – and his protection – rather than the FBI and NID, who’d spent the better part of three years looking for the six of them while they were on the run.

Since their first meeting, Jack and Xander have become friends. Shortly after Jack’s promotion to Lieutenant General in 2009, the two spent a Saturday at Jack’s cabin in Silver Creek, Minnesota, fishing, drinking beer, and swapping stories. However, since both Jack and Xander individually are trouble magnets, by putting them together everybody knew something was going to happen…and happen it did. Jack’s and Xander’s relaxing day turned into escape from the captivity of a minor Goa’uld, who sought to make a name for himself by killing the legendary Jack O’Neill. Working together like they were longtime comrades, Jack and Xander were able to kill the Goa’uld, highjack the ha’tak (which Jack finally got to name the Homer Simpson), and fly it back to Earth.

He retired from active duty at the end of 2012 at the age of 60, handing over the reigns of Homeworld Command to Vice Admiral Nick Schaffer. He held his retirement party at the SGC during their annual Christmas party. After his retirement from the Air Force, Jack sold his apartment in Silver Spring and divides his time between Minnesota, California, and Colorado.

Career Edit

Education Edit

  • 1970 – Alexander Ramsey High School, Roseville, MN
  • 1974 – Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical engineering – United States Air Force Academy, CO
  • 1977 – Master of Science degree in Aeronautical engineering – Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
  • 1978 – Combat Control Selection Course, Lackland Air Force Base, TX
  • 1979 – Combat Control Operator Course, Keesler Air Force Base, MS
  • 1979 – Air Force Basic Survival School, Fairchild Air Force Base, WA
  • 1979 – United States Army Airborne School, Fort Benning, GA
  • 1979 – Combat Control School, Pope Air Force Base, NC
  • 1980 – Special Tactics Advanced Skills Training, Hurlburt Field, FL
  • 1980 – Army Military Free Fall Parachutist School, Fort Bragg, NC & Yuma Proving Ground, AZ
  • 1980 – Air Force Combat Diver School, Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center, Naval Support Activity Panama City, FL
  • 1986 – Master of Strategic Studies – Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL
  • 2004 – CAPSTONE Military Leadership Program, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.

List of assignments Edit

  • 1974–1975 – Student, 12th Flying Training Wing – Randolph Air Force Base, TX
  • 1975–1977 – Student, Air Force Institute of Technology – Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH
  • 1977–1978 – Test pilot, Air Force Flight Test Center – Edwards Air Force Base, CA
  • 1978–1980 – Student, USAF Special Operations School – Hurlburt Field, FL
  • 1981–1985 – Special Tactics Officer, United States Air Force Special Operations Command – Hurlburt Field, FL
  • 1985–1986 – Student, Air War College – Maxwell Air Force Base, AL
  • 1986–1989 – Special Tactics Officer, United States Air Force Special Operations Command – Hurlburt Field, FL
  • 1989–1990 – Special Tactics Officer, 24th Special Tactics Squadron – Pope Air Force Base, NC
  • 1990–1991 – Plans & Strategy Officer (J-5), Special Operations Command Europe – Panzer Kaserne, Germany (stationed in Kuwait and Iraq)
  • 1992–1994 – Commanding Officer, 1st Space Operations Squadron – Schriever Air Force Base, CO
  • October 28, 1994 – Team Leader, Abydos Expedition – Abydos
  • July 27, 1997–July 9, 2004 – Team Leader, SG-1/Deputy Commander, Stargate Command – Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, CO
  • July 9, 2004–February 22, 2005 – Commanding Officer, Stargate Command – Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, CO
  • July 15, 2005–December 31, 2012 – Commanding Officer, Homeworld Security – The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Awards and decorations Edit

Badges Edit

  • Master Parachutist Badge
  • Command Space Operations Badge

Medals & Ribbons Edit

The following are the awards and decorations worn by Lt. Gen. Jack O’Neill (Ret.)

  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal, w/1 bronze oak leaf cluster (2nd award)
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Navy Distinguished Service Medal
  • Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
  • Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal, w/1 bronze oak leaf cluster (2nd award)
  • Legion of Merit
  • Airman’s Medal
  • Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  • Meritorious Service Medal, w/3 bronze oak leaf clusters (4th award)
  • Air Medal, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
  • Aerial Achievement Medal
  • Joint Service Commendation Medal
  • Air Force Commendation Medal, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
  • Air Force Achievement Medal, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
  • Presidential Unit Citation
  • Joint Meritorious Unit Award
  • Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, w/3 bronze oak leaf clusters (4th award) and V Device
  • Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
  • Combat Readiness Medal, w/1 bronze oak leaf cluster (2nd award)
  • National Defense Service Medal, w/2 bronze service stars (3rd award)
  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
  • Air Force Overseas Short Tour Service Ribbon, w/2 bronze oak leaf clusters (3rd award)
  • Air Force Overseas Long Tour Service Ribbon
  • Air Force Longevity Service Award, w/1 silver and 2 bronze oak leaf clusters (8th award)
  • Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)
  • Air Force Training Ribbon
  • Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia)
  • Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait)

Badges (continued) Edit

  • Headquarters Air Force badge

For his participation in the Battle of Antarctica in 2004, Jack is authorized to wear the Presidential Unit Citation.

In 2004, Jack was awarded the Legion of Merit “for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements” while leading SG-1 over the past seven years during his promotion ceremony to Brigadier General.

In 2005, Jack was awarded his second Air Force Distinguished Service Medal for his year in command of the SGC.

In 2007, all members of Stargate Command (and Homeworld Security) were authorized to wear the Joint Meritorious Unit Award after the defeat of the Ori.

During his retirement ceremony, Jack was awarded his second Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, his third Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal, and his second Defense Superior Service Medal.

Does not wear Edit

As a Special Tactics Officer with United States Air Force Special Operations Command and then an officer with both Stargate Command and Homeworld Security, Jack is also a recipient of awards for classified operations, and thus does not wear them on his uniform every day.

Badges Edit
  • Command Pilot Badge
  • Military Freefall Parachutist Badge
  • Diver insignia
  • British Parachutist Badge
  • French Parachutist Badge
  • German Parachutist Badge
  • Air Force Distinguished Rifleman Badge
  • Air Force Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge
  • Special Tactics Officer (STO) Flash
  • Air Force Commander’s insignia
Medals & Ribbons Edit
  • Medal of Honor
  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star, w/V Device
  • Purple Heart, w/1 silver and 1 bronze oak leaf cluster (7th award)
  • Prisoner of War Medal, w/1 bronze service star (2nd award)

Jack is a recipient of the Air Force Cross, Silver Star, and Bronze Star with Valor for various operations as a Special Tactics Officer with United States Air Force Special Operations Command.

Jack is authorized to wear the Prisoner of War Medal for being taken hostage in Iraq during the Gulf War (while officially a member of the plans and strategy office of Special Operations Command, Europe) and for his time of captivity at the hands of the Goa’uld System Lord Ba’al in 2002. He is also a recipient of multiple Purple Hearts for various injuries in the line of duty with both SpecOps and Stargate Command. However, due to the memories associated with those awards, Jack declines to wear them on a regular basis.

During his special operations training, Jack was awarded various badges and insignia that he does not wear on his Class “A” uniform, including the Military Freefall Parachutist Badge, Diver insignia, the British, French, and German Parachutist Badges, and the Air Force Distinguished Rifleman and Pistol Shot Badges (which he earned during his Pararescue/STO training). As team leader of SG-1, Jack wore the Air Force Commander’s Insignia.

In 2004, newly-promoted Brigadier General O’Neill was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Antarctica – however, due to the classified nature of the battle and the notable prestige surrounding the nation’s highest award, Jack has only worn the medal (or its associated ribbon) on a handful of occasions: his promotions to Major General and Lieutenant General, General Hammond’s funeral, and his own retirement ceremony.

Medal of Honor citation Edit
Medal of honor (air force)

“The President of the United States in the name of The Congress takes great pleasure in presenting the MEDAL OF HONOR to



For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with SG-1 and Stargate Command on 19 March 2004.  Colonel O’Neill, while under the influence of the Ancient Repository of Knowledge, led SG-1 to Proclarush Taonas, an Ancient outpost, where they retrieved a Zero Point Module, before returning to Earth and joined in the Battle of Antarctica. During the battle, Colonel O’Neill, in spite of the brain damage caused by the Ancient Repository, used the Control Chair in the Antarctic outpost to activate thousands of Drone weapons, which destroyed the Goa’uld Anubis’s invasion fleet. Colonel O’Neill’s extraordinary heroism, self-sacrifice and personal bravery were in the highest traditions of the military service, and have reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

Other Edit

In 1990, Lt. Gen. O’Neill received a statue and plaque from the Air Force Special Operations Unit at Mildenhall Air Force Base, England.

In 1992, Lt. Gen. O’Neill was recognized for Excellence of Achievement While Conducting Special Operations under the auspices of the US Air Force Space Systems Command.

In 2000, after helping the Asgard in their war against the Replicators, Thor, the Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet, named his new flagship the O’Neill.

In 2009, Lt. Gen. O’Neill was honored by Master Bra’tac of the Free Jaffa Nation who proclaimed him an honorary Jaffa Master.

Effective dates of promotion Edit

  • 1974 – 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1977 – 1st Lieutenant
  • 1980 – Captain
  • 1985 – Major
  • 1992 – Lieutenant Colonel
  • 1994 – Colonel
  • July 9, 2004 – Brigadier General
  • July 15, 2005 – Major General
  • October 2, 2009 – Lieutenant General

Staff Edit

As a three-star officer in charge of a quasi-Unified Combatant Command (albeit a classified one), Lt. Gen. O’Neill maintains a senior staff in order to help him effectively run Homeworld Security. His immediate superior is the United States Secretary of Defense.

Personal staff Edit

  • Major General Henry “Hank” Landry, USAF – Deputy Commander (2005–2011)
  • Brigadier General Cameron John “Cam” Mitchell, USAF – Deputy Commander (2011–2012)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Paul Davis, USAF – Chief of Staff (2009–2012)
  • Command Sergeant Major Jonas Blane, US Army – Command Senior Enlisted Advisor (2009–2012)
  • Janelle Sellner – Executive Assistant (2005–2012)
  • Technical Sergeant Oscar Castillo, USAF – Chief Bodyguard (2009–2012)
  • Dr. Carolyn Lam, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer (2005–2012)

Directorates Edit

  • Colonel Danielle “Dani” Wilson, USAF – Director of Manpower and Personnel (J-1)
  • Commander Ryan Miller, USCG – Director of Intelligence (J-2) (2009–2012)
  • Captain Curtis Rivers, US Navy SEALs – Director of Operations (J-3) (2009–2012)
  • Brigadier General Megan Ashcroft, US Army – Director of Logistics (J-4) (2009–2012)
  • Colonel Michael “Mike” Fowler, USMC – Director of Plans and Strategy (J-5) (2009–2012)
  • Commander Jason Rehme, USN – Director of Signals (communications and information technology) (J-6) (2010–2012)
  • Colonel Joseph Michael “Joe” Pressman, USMC – Director of Training (J-7)
  • Colonel Claire Wynn, USAF – Director of Finance/Comptroller (J-8) (2005–2009)

Special Staff Edit

  • Mr. – Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Colonel Thomas “Tom” Rundell, USAF – Public Affairs Officer
  • Brigadier General Donald James “Don” Richardson, JAGC, USAF – Staff Judge Advocate (2005–2009)
  • Rear Admiral, lower half Harmon “Harm” Rabb, Jr., JAGC, USN – Staff Judge Advocate (2009–2012)
  • Supervisory Special Agent Richard Kendrick, OSI – Investigative Specialist/OSI Liaison Officer

Subordinate commands Edit

  • Stargate Command – Major General Henry “Hank” Landry, USAF (2005–2011)
  • Stargate Command – Brigadier General Cameron John “Cam” Mitchell, USAF (2011–2012)
  • Atlantis Expedition – Richard Woolsey (2008–2012) (concurrent with IOA)/Colonel John Sheppard, USAF (2009–2012) (military commander)
  • Destiny Expedition – Colonel Everett Young, USAF (2009–2011, in stasis)
  • Tau’ri Space Fleet – Brigadier General Steven Caldwell, USAF (2009–2012)

Personal life Edit

During the 1980s and early ’90s, Jack was happily married to Sara O’Neill, with whom he had a son, Charlie. In 1994, tragedy struck the O’Neill family when Charlie accidentally shot himself while playing soldier with Jack’s gun. In his grief, Jack accepted a would-be suicide mission (the Abydos Expedition); upon surviving, Jack and Sara divorced due to their irreconcilable differences (Jack blamed himself and refused to talk about it, which led to Sara leaving him).

Upon taking command of SG-1, Jack harbored a romantic interest in his 2nd-in-command, Captain Samantha Carter; that interest grew over the eight years they worked closely together, but nothing ever came of it due to the Air Force’s fraternization regulations.

That’s not to say that Jack was celibate since his divorce. He had short-lived relationships with Kynthia of Argos (whom he accidentally married off-world), Laira of Edora, and in 2005, he had a brief relationship with Kerry Johnson, the CIA liaison to the SGC. While in Washington, Jack had a year-long relationship with Brig. Gen. Claire Wynn, the Director for Budget Operations and Personnel for the United States Department of the Air Force (who had previously served as his J-8 before her promotion).

Over the course of his 35-year career in the Air Force, Jack has made many friends all over the Armed Forces in all different ranks. One of his old friends from the 24th Special Tactics Squadron, Anthony Gunderson, eventually rose to the position of Senior Enlisted Advisor to the United States Special Operations Command. He is a close friend of General Norton A. Schwartz, the Air Force Chief of Staff (whom he served with during Desert Storm), and was also acquainted with Generals T. Michael Moseley, John P. Jumper, and Michael E. Ryan, all former Air Force Chiefs of Staff, during his time with the SGC and Homeworld Security.

He is regarded as the Founding Father of Stargate Command, easily the most well-respected member of the entire program. Everybody who has served at the SGC, from the senior officers to the most junior enlisted personnel, would gladly stand by the General and follow him wherever he leads them. He regards Dr. Daniel Jackson as his best friend (and the biggest pain in his ass), and considers Jaffa Master Teal’c his brother. He has nothing but respect for both Cameron Mitchell, who took over command of SG-1 after he was kicked upstairs, and Jonas Quinn, who spent a year on SG-1 while Daniel was Ascended, and is constantly amused by Vala Mal Doran, the former thief-turned-SG-1 team member. He had a strong friendship with the late General George Hammond, who served as his CO for eight years, and is friends with retired General Hank Landry.

Jack is the godfather of Cassandra, the last survivor of the planet Hanka, who came to Earth at the age of 12 and was adopted by Dr. Janet Fraiser after the Goa’uld Nirrti killed her planet’s entire population. He also has a clone, Jon O’Neill, who was 15 when he was created by the rogue Asgard Loki in 2003.

During his year as Commander of Stargate Command, he was friends with and regularly played poker against El Paso County Sheriff Andy Johnson, the Chief of the Colorado Springs Police Department, and the Commanding General of Peterson Air Force Base (all of whom know about the SGC, but have no specific need-to-know about the program).

Despite his friendly relationship with the President of the United States and his cordial friendship with the Secretaries of Defense and Air Force, his relationship with various members of the Cabinet (including the White House Chief of Staff) and certain members of both houses of Congress isn’t nearly as good (Jack has a tendency to call the politicians out on putting politics and bureaucracy before common sense).

Superpowers, weapons and equipment Edit

As a three-star officer in the United States Air Force, Jack carries a FN Five-seveN in 5.7×28mm as his personal sidearm (once the SGC adopted the FN P-90 as the standard weapon of off-world teams, Jack also made the switch from the Beretta M9 to the FN Five-seveN, which uses the same type of ammunition as the P-90), drives a Ford F-350 pickup truck in civilian life, and owns cabins in both El Paso County, Colorado, and Silver Creek, Minnesota, an apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland, and always has a room at the Oceana Santa Monica hotel (one of the managers there is a former SGC member who received a medical discharge after being wounded off-world).

As a direct descendent of an Ancient (Alteran), Jack possesses a strong ATA-gene, which enables him to utilize Ancient technology with ease. He has also been exposed to the Ancient Repository of Knowledge twice, which has left him with subconscious knowledge of the information contained within. He was also the temporary host to the Tok’ra symbiont Kanan, who was killed by Ba’al’s Jaffa and led to Jack’s capture, but was not blended long enough for the symbiont’s naquadah to remain in his bloodstream (unlike fellow SG-officers Samantha Carter, Vala Mal Doran, and Steven Caldwell).

Jack is a superb marksman who has qualified as an expert with almost every weapon in the United States Armed Forces’ arsenal, knife thrower, able to accurately throw a knife under battlefield conditions into the palm of a Goa’uld to destroy a hand device, and martial artist, having been trained in Marine Corps Martial Arts during his Special Ops training; he has also been trained by both Teal’c and Master Bra’tac in Jaffa fighting styles. He is almost completely immune to the effects of the zat’nik’tel after being hit by one so often in his career. He is also gifted with strong mental defenses that enable him to resist both mind reading and mind control.

Alternate versions Edit

In an alternate universe visited by Xander Harris in 2011, Major General Jack O’Neill retired from the Air Force in 2008 after three years as Commanding Officer of Homeworld Security in order to marry his longtime lover, Colonel Samantha Carter, just back from her tour of duty as Commanding Officer of the Atlantis Expedition and who was about to be promoted to Brigadier General and given command of the SGC.

In this hedonistic universe, Jack was, like his counterpart, divorced from Sara after the death of his son. Unlike his counterpart, this Jack dealt with the loss by having sex with the various female junior officers and enlisted personnel under his command, many of whom were happy to sleep with the Colonel if it would advance their careers.

After the formation of the SGC, Jack became well-known throughout the cosmos for both his tactical brilliance and, among the female aliens, his skills as a lover.

In 2011, during his road trip across the country, Xander Harris, the master vampire in control of Sunnydale, encountered Jack and Sam while he was passing through Colorado Springs. The three of them engaged in a rather hot threesome, and Xander added them to his list of contacts before continuing his journey.

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