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Kara Zor-El, also known as Kara Ellison as well as the superhero Supergirl, is the main character of Smallville: Redux, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005. She is adapted from the fictional character portrayed on Smallville by Laura Vandervoort.

Biography Edit

The daughter of Zor-El and Alura, Kara Zor-El was 16 years old when she was rocketed to Earth to escape the destruction of Krypton.  Unfortunately, upon her arrival on Earth, she was stuck in suspended animation for 18 years because her ship fell into the Smallville Reservoir adjacent to Reeves Dam.  After awakening from her 18-year slumber, Kara spent nearly a year on Earth with her cousin, who was now 20 years old and went by Clark Kent.  Eventually, in 2011, Kara traveled forward in time to the 31st century, and made a life for herself with the Legion of Super-Heroes under the codename Supergirl.

As a Legionnaire, Kara became aware of a plot to assassinate Superman, Earth’s greatest hero, as a teenager, and used her Legion Ring to travel back in time to 2002.  When she arrived, Kara helped her then-15-year-old cousin stop Eric Summers, a human who had absorbed Clark’s Kryptonian powers via a lightning strike and a piece of Kryptonite.  Unfortunately, Kara’s ring was damaged in the ensuing battle, leaving her without the ability to time travel and stranded in 2002.  With no way to contact the future, Kara has dedicated herself to protecting Clark from the future assassin.  While residing at the Kent Farm, Kara has moved into Clark’s bedroom while he has essentially claimed the barn’s loft as his new room.

Because her original mission, pre-time travel, was to watch over Kal-El (who was a baby when they departed Krypton and 20 years old when she was revived from suspended animation), Kara is grateful for a second chance to help her cousin learn about his heritage, his homeworld and people, especially the House of El, whose members include not only their immediate family, but also their ancestors, including Val-El, a famous explorer; Sul-El, the inventor of Krypton’s first telescope; Tala-El, the author of Krypton’s first planetary constitution; Hatu-El, the inventor of Krypton’s first electromagnet and electric motor; and Gam-El, the father of modern Kryptonian architecture.  The first recorded member of the House of El was Erok-El, the first Bethgar (approx. King/Emperor) of ancient Krypton.  Kara also enjoys teaching her cousin various Kryptonian swear words, and left him a little humiliated when she beat him in a game of superpowered basketball.

Shortly after her arrival in the past, Kara unilaterally told Chloe Sullivan, one of Clark’s closest friends (and one of hers from the future) about her and Clark. She did this to strengthen the bonds between the two females, and also add to Chloe and Clark’s relationship. Both Clark and his parents freaked out about Chloe learning his secret at first, but they got over it in short time. Together, Chloe and Kara strive to drive Clark crazy with their “girl-talk” about everything from boys to makeup to life on Krypton versus life on Earth to the latest “freak of the week”.  It was with Chloe’s help that Kara was able to develop her “secret identity” as Kara Ellison, Clark’s 19-year-old biological cousin (despite being 25), by creating a paper trail.  She has also made friendly acquaintances with Lana Lang and Pete Ross, and is weary, but cordial to 21-year-old Lex Luthor, Clark’s “best friend”, whom she knows grows up to be her cousin’s worst enemy.

As Kara Ellison, she is employed as a fashion model in Metropolis, modeling clothes for various magazines; while Clark’s parents dislike her rather public profession, she made it clear to them that they have no say, legal or otherwise, in her choice of vocation.  In a practically unheard of rise to stardom, Kara was invited to Milan for the autumn/winter event in 2002 after only a few months of modeling.  Shortly after beginning her modeling career, Kara was approached by Vanessa Ryder, who offered her a second job to make more money, but she politely declined.

As part of her teachings, Kara told Clark that Jor-El had visited Earth in 1961, and assisted him, Lana, and Chloe in uncovering the truth about Joe Ellison, a drifter who passed through Smallville in 1961 and was wanted for questioning in the murder of Lana’s great-aunt, Louise McCallum.  After freeing an innocent man (Dex McCallum, Louise’s husband) from prison, Clark officially acknowledged that Joe was his biological father.  She also showed Clark the hologram embedded in his ship showing his parents’ final moments.

During an investigation into the Nicodemus flower, Kara ran into Maj. Gen. Sam Lane, the Commanding General of the 1st Infantry Division stationed at the nearby Fort Ryan (and the father of Clark’s future wife, Lois Lane).  The General had been tasked by his superiors to keep watch on the small town and, if necessary, intervene on behalf of its citizens should a meteor freak prove to be a threat, and was performing a basic recon of Smallville.  Together, they were able to subdue a victim of the Nicodemus flower while Clark, Lex, and Dr. Steven Hamilton were able to synthesize a cure.

While Kara was only peripherally involved in Clark’s mission to save Ryan James, a 12-year-old telepath who was being abused and exploited by his stepfather and stepmother, she did meet the boy and, like her cousin, was immune to Ryan’s telepathy.  When Ryan tried to get Clark interested in the Warrior Angel comic books, Kara admitted that she had read a few (in the future, a few scenes from a Warrior Angel movie were shot at the Kent Farm with Clark’s blessings) and found that Warrior Angel paralleled both Clark and Superman in many ways.

When Chloe found herself kidnapped by Gary Watts, a sheriff’s deputy with a hero-homicide complex, Kara took to the skies and was able to locate her with her x-ray vision.  As Clark rescued Chloe, Kara dealt with Deputy Watts, badly injuring him when she used her heat vision to destroy the gun he pointed at her.

Kara was out of town when a tornado passed through Lowell County, but returned immediately upon hearing of it.  She participated in the search and rescue around the town under the direction of Maj. Gen. Lane.  Although she wanted to work alone (as to not compromise her “secret identity”), the General insisted she have an escort, and assigned Trooper Kaitlin Slater, a three-year veteran of the Kansas Highway Patrol, to help her.  Together, the two of them found four people and got them to the Talon, which was designated the disaster relief center by the Red Cross.

As Smallville began returning to normal, Kara’s presence on Earth was discovered by J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter (known on Earth as Metropolis PD Detective John Jones).  An old friend of Jor-El’s who has been periodically checking on Kal-El, John saw Kara on the cover of a fashion magazine and he intervened in order to protect his old friend’s son from the daughter of the man who betrayed Krypton.  Kara was able to prove that she wasn’t a threat to her cousin; the two subsequently began a cordial, if not friendly, relationship, despite John’s lingering suspicions.

Later that summer, Kara accompanied Clark to New York City when he was invited by Dr. Virgil Swann, the CEO of Swann Communications and founder of the Veritas Society.  She also became friends with Dr. Swann’s daughter, Patricia.  Shortly after becoming friends, Patricia took Kara out on the town, New York City style, hitting up various bars and nightclubs throughout the city.

In an effort to both blend in and familiarize herself with Earth’s culture, Kara decided to use some of the money she earned modeling to enroll in Metropolis Community College.  Her favorite class is history, and she excels in chemistry due to her Kryptonian upbringing.  She has thrown herself into the “college experience” – befriending classmates, drinking at the local college bar, attending parties, and more.

When Kara learned that one of her classmates was in an abusive relationship, it took most of her self-control not to exact revenge.  She was successful in getting her friend to a battered women’s shelter, and when the girl’s abusive boyfriend confronted them, Kara caught his fist and used her Kryptonian strength to “accidentally” break some of the guy’s fingers.  A doctor’s examination of the guy’s hand led the police to disbelieve his story that Kara had crushed his fingers because it was highly improbable, if not outright impossible that someone of Kara’s size could inflict that kind of damage.

In October, Clark bought a class ring that contained red kryptonite, which unleashed his inhibitions and caused him to act out of character.  Kara was contacted by the Kents, who told them what was wrong with Clark and how to fix him.  However, due to her lack of desire to have her own inhibitions removed, Kara remained in Metropolis during this adventure.

Kara’s arrival in the past has altered history as she knew it, and she’s no longer certain about what the future holds…and she can only hope that she has not irreparably damaged the timeline.

Kara is open-minded, assertive, outspoken, stubborn, has a strong sense of responsibility and duty, and is interested in understanding and helping people.  She is eager to learn, although often she would rather do things her own way than follow the directions of others.  She is also a fan of American pop culture and music, but some human customs remain strange to the native Kryptonian.  She also holds onto her beliefs in Raoism, the Kryptonian religion.  She always wears her Kryptonian bracelet which holds the symbol for the House of El.

When she was growing up, Kara idolized her father, but when she learned that he was responsible for Krypton’s destruction, she renounced her relationship to him and tried so hard to only hold on to the good memories…something easier said than done.

On Krypton, Kara’s best friend was named Thara Ak-Var.  As a teenager, her first (and only) lover was an older boy named Van-Nar.  While on Earth in 2007, she developed a crush on Henry James “Jimmy” Olsen, Chloe’s boyfriend (later husband and then widow).  Since her arrival in the past, Kara has become close friends with the 15-year-old Chloe Sullivan, and has also befriended some of her fellow models; her closest friend is Lacey Shelton.  To date, Kara has never been romantically involved with a human, although she has found certain humans attractive.

As a Kryptonian, Kara has many powers and abilities under a yellow sun, including but not limited to superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina, invulnerability, flight, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, x-ray vision, heat vision, superhuman hearing, super breath, and a healing factor.  Kara is also a competent martial artist and weapons user, and carries the House of El’s family dagger.  As a member of the Legion, Kara has a Legion flight ring, which gives her the abilities of flight and time travel, and protects her against adverse environments, navigational aids, data collection, and has communications capabilities, but it was damaged upon her arrival in 2002.

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