Here are a list of characters in Leverage International.

Nathan “Nate” Ford (Ret.) Edit

The former Chief Insurance Investigator for IYS Insurance, Nathan Ford was the first Mastermind for Leverage Consulting & Associates.

Sophie Devereaux-Ford (Ret.) Edit

The 2nd-in-Command and primary grifter of Leverage Consulting & Associates

Eliot Spencer Edit

Spencer, eliot

Born in Texas and raised primarily in Oklahoma, Eliot Spencer is one of the deadliest men alive. He dropped out of high school and ran away from his home in Kentucky when he was sixteen in order to escape his abusive father and enlisted in the United States Army at seventeen. He fought in Desert Storm before going into black ops under the command of Michael Vance. When his enlistment was up, Eliot went into the private sector and became a mercenary. He made a name for himself as one of the world’s best assassins, and eventually found himself working for Damien Moreau. However, Eliot found Moreau so deplorable that he stopped being an assassin all-together, and reinvented himself as a hitter and retrieval specialist, although he maintains his fearsome reputation. At least three countries have a price on his head.

In 2008, Eliot was recruited to what would become Leverage Consulting & Associates, a group of criminals who use their exceptional talents to “steal back what was taken by the rich and powerful” as the team’s muscle.

When Nate and Sophie retired from a life of crime in 2012 just as Leverage Consulting & Associates began its transformation into Leverage International, Eliot acts as the team’s NCO assisting Parker with her duties as Team Leader. He is the team member who was primarily against Parker hiring Josie Scott, due to her young age and lack of criminal sophistication, and has taken it upon himself to train her so she doesn’t get herself or the team killed due to her inexperience.

While serving in the Army, Eliot has received some of highest decorations for heroism, bravery, and combat, including the Distinguished Service Cross (the second-highest award in the United States Army for extraordinary heroism behind the Medal of Honor). Although he refuses to carry a gun, Eliot is still a crack shot with any and every weapon in the arsenal of the United States Armed Forces. He is an expert in mixed martial arts, has an incredible pain tolerance, and is a decent country musician and a master-level chef. He is also a ladies man, and can identify various things by their distinctiveness. He owns two vehicles, a Chevrolet Silverado long-bed pickup truck, and a Dodge Challenger.

Alec Hardison Edit

Hardison, alec

A computer specialist with an extremely high IQ, Alec Hardison’s first real criminal act was to stick the country of Iceland with his Nana’s medical bills.  He is one of the greatest hackers in the world, able to access most forms of electronics and is rarely caught.  He is also a convincing actor, able to talk his way out of almost any scenario, but he is often too clever for his own good, and whenever he has the opportunity to lead a con, he devises a massively overcomplicated scheme usually doomed to failure.

In 2008, Hardison was recruited to what would become Leverage Consulting & Associates, a group of criminals who use their exceptional talents to “steal back what was taken by the rich and powerful” as the team’s hacker and logistics specialist.

When Nate and Sophie retired from a life of crime in 2012 just as Leverage Consulting & Associates began its transformation into Leverage International, Hardison began acting more as a grifter in addition to his duties as the team’s hacker.  He also assists Parker with her duties as Team Leader.

He drives a tricked-out, high-tech van which he nicknamed “Lucille”, which is frequently damaged and/or destroyed on jobs, necessitating upgrades or replacements.

Parker Edit


One of the world’s greatest thieves, Parker grew up a product of foster system.  She started her life of crime early, acting as a booster and getaway driver before puberty.  After spending six months in juvenile hall for boosting a bait car (during which her foster brother Kelly ditched her to take the fall alone), Parker went to New York City.  There, she met Archie Leach, then the world’s greatest thief, who saw her potential and decided to train her as his apprentice thief, which led to her becoming very skilled in gymnastics and all sorts of thievery.

In 2008, now a fully-grown woman and master thief, Parker was recruited to what would become Leverage Consulting & Associates, a group of criminals who use their exceptional talents to “steal back what was taken by the rich and powerful.”  As the team’s thief, there isn’t anything she can’t steal, any bank she can’t break into, and any rooftop she can’t repel from or parachute off.  However, Parker’s social skills were nearly non-existent; with the help of her team, Parker slowly-but-surely became a fully-functional member of society (or, at the very least, could at least act like one).

The Leverage team has become Parker’s family – Nathan Ford, the team leader, has taken his place as her surrogate father, while Sophie Devereaux taught her how to be both a woman and a grifter.  She’s found a big brother and somewhat kindred spirit in Eliot Spencer, the team’s hitter, who has taken her under his wing, and, in 2012, has embarked on a romantic relationship with Alec Hardison, hacker extraordinaire.  At Nate and Sophie’s wedding in early 2013, Parker served as one of Sophie’s bridesmaids.

When Nate and Sophie retired from a life of crime in 2012, Parker was selected by Nate to take his place as Team Mastermind, just as Leverage Consulting & Associates began its transformation into Leverage International.  While now nominally in charge, Parker relies heavily on both Eliot and Hardison to help her with her new responsibilities, and frequently calls Nate and/or Sophie for advice.  Parker was personally responsible for bringing in Josie Scott, a young car booster the team had met on a previous job and with whom she had bonded with.  In addition, Parker has become better friends with Sophie’s close friend and fellow grifter Tara Cole, who – at Sophie’s request – agreed to be a part-time member of the new team.  She is acquainted with Mozzie, a career con-man out of New York City, and through him Neal Caffrey, one of the world’s best con-artists, art thieves, and forgers.

Like the rest of the team, Parker has numerous aliases.  Her two longest-running and mostly-used aliases are Alice White, which Parker uses when she needs to be a normal woman (usually at airports and other public transportation hubs), and Special Agent P. Hagen, a very effective undercover FBI agent.  Agt. Hagen is credited with assisting in the arrest of many of Leverage’s targets, and works frequently with Special Agent Todd McSweeten.

Shortly after becoming Team Leader, Parker “bought” a car, a BMW X5, for the first time in her life, which, along with Eliot’s pickup truck and Hardison’s van, are often utilized by the team for their various jobs.  She also knows her way around a firearm, and keeps one, a Glock 23 in .40 S&W that she “requisitioned” from the FBI, at her primary residence (although she rarely takes it out into the field).  She has an array of rigs (some of which she designed herself) that she uses to rappel from heights.  She is an expert gymnast and has trained with Eliot to become competent in self-defense and mixed martial arts.

Josie Scott Edit


The newest member of Leverage Consulting & Associates, Josie Scott is a semi-reformed car thief who met the original Leverage team in 2010 when they were on a job.  A few years later, when the team began expanding, Parker located and hired Josie with the (somewhat grudging) support of Alec Hardison and Eliot Spencer.  At the ripe young age of 21, Josie specializes in boosting and driving vehicles as well as jobs that require a younger participant.  She is also the only member of the team to have never actually been arrested for anything.

Since joining the Leverage team, Josie has been trained by Eliot so she doesn’t get herself or the team killed due to her inexperience. She has also learned the art of pickpocketing from Parker and basic computer skills and how to mimic accents from Hardison.

Tara Cole Edit

Devlin, jessica

A longtime friend of Sophie Devereaux’s, Tara Cole is a grifter of the highest caliber.

Since the retirement of Sophie and Nate Ford from the team, Tara has joined Leverage Consulting & Associates as a part-time member, helping out whenever the team needs an extra hand…for a fee, of course.

Special Agent James “Jim” Sterling, Interpol Edit

The Leverage team’s greatest frenemy, Jim Sterling is a former insurance investigator at IYS Insurance (where he was friendly rivals with Nate Ford, the company’s Chief Insurance Investigator) who now heads up Interpol’s art theft and forgery detail.

Colin “Cha0s” Mason Edit

Hardison’s greatest rival, Colin Mason, better known by his handle “Cha0s”, is an unscrupulous hacker who is nearly as good as him.  Cha0s has been an occasional enemy and infrequent ally to Leverage Consulting & Associates.

Quinn Edit

A bodyguard/enforcer-for-hire, Quinn is a professional acquaintance of Eliot Spencer who has been known to work both with and against Leverage Consulting & Associates.

Archibald “Archie” Leach Edit

A retired master thief, Archie Leach is the professional mentor and father-figure to Parker, who he took under his wing at the age of 12.

Special Agent Todd McSweeten, FBI Edit

A rising star in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, much of Sp. Agt. Todd McSweeten’s success comes from unknowingly consulting with Leverage Consulting & Associates. He nurses a strong crush on Parker – whom he knows as undercover FBI Agent P. Hagen – and frequently looks the other way where she’s concerned.

Agt. McSweeten’s father, Peter, was the former Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI Field Office in Portland, Oregon, and one of the investigators of the D.B. Cooper case; he died of cancer in 2012.

Colonel Michael Vance, US Army Edit

Eliot’s former Commanding Officer, Col. Michael Vance is a counterterrorism operator-turned-mission control in the US Army.  In 2012, he enlisted the help of Leverage Consulting & Associates to help stop a bioterror attack on Washington, D.C.  Since then, he has been an ally to the team, and will occasionally hire them for jobs that he (or the United States) cannot do himself/themselves.

A highly decorated officer, Col. Vance drives a government SUV and carries a SIG-Sauer P229 in 9×19mm as his duty weapon.  He is a recipient of the Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star with Valor, Meritorious Service Medal, Army Commendation Medal, four Army Achievement Medals, and numerous unit, campaign, and service awards.

Dr. Margaret “Maggie” Collins, Ph.D. Edit

Nate’s ex-wife and the mother of his late son, Sam, Maggie Collins is a renowned art appraiser and occasional consultant for Leverage Consulting & Associates.

Mozzie Edit

A renowned conman and conspiracy theorist, what Mozzie lacks in charm and charisma, he makes up for with insider knowledge and secret sources.  He has deep connections to the criminal underworld and can get just about anything, from classified secrets to cutting edge technology.

Mozzie is an orphan; he grew up in a group home in Detroit.  When he was 12 years old, he stole $500,000 from the Detroit mob under the alias “the Dentist of Detroit”, which necessitated him to get out of Michigan.  He made his way to New York City, where he’s been living ever since.  His real name is Theodore “Teddy” Winters.

Since 2009, Mozzie has been a reluctant ally to the White Collar Crime Unit of the FBI New York Field Office because his best friend and partner-in-crime, Neal Caffrey, is a Bureau criminal informant and investigator.

A longtime acquaintance of the legendary thief, Parker, Mozzie has become a friend and ally to Leverage Consulting & Associates since their expansion into Leverage International.

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