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Paige Ellen Matthews is the main character of Seeing is Believing, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005. She is adapted from the fictional character portrayed on Charmed by Rose McGowan.

Biography Edit

Early life and family Edit

Beautiful, smart, brave, defiant, independent, clever and stubborn – all adjectives that describe Paige Ellen Matthews perfectly. Born on August 2, 1977 as the forbidden lovechild of Patty Halliwell, a powerful witch, and her whitelighter, Sam Wilder, the pair of them gave Paige up for adoption at a local San Francisco church just hours after she was born to spare her and them from the Forces of Good (witches and whitelighters aren’t allowed to be romantically involved, let alone have a child together) and Evil (the daughter of a powerful witch and a whitelighter raised evil is just something nobody wants to think about…ever). After a month with the church being looked over by the nuns, Paige was adopted by Scott Matthews, a firefighter, and his wife, Lisa, who was a teacher.

All her life, Paige has known she wanted to help people. She credits her desire to her (adopted) family, all of whom have been public servants for generations (Paige later learned that her biological family had a similar genetic predisposition for public service, albeit more magically than her adopted family).

In 1988, when Paige was 10 years old, tragedy struck the Matthews family when her grandfather, John Matthews, was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than live with a treatable–yet incurable–disease, John, a veteran of World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, chose to end his life on his own terms instead of subjecting his family, friends, and himself to watching helplessly as he slowly faded away. Her Grandma Ellen never truly recovered from her husband’s actions, although she put on a brave face for her family, and she passed away four years later.

As she entered junior high and began going through puberty at age 12, Paige began to rebel–she partied, she drank, she stayed out all night, and she “dated” a lot of boys (some older than others). One time, after her parents caught her sneaking into the house at 6:00AM with the beginnings of a hangover, they got into a massive fight which resulted in Paige running away to her Grandma Ellen’s house. After a day, when everybody calmed down, she returned home. To the day they died, that remains the worst fight she and her parents ever had.

By the time she was 13, Paige was a regular fixture at parties, usually with whatever boy had asked her first. She was also at the time beginning to explore her sexuality, and trying sexual acts. In the spring of 1992, near the end of her freshman year of high school, she was invited to the Senior Prom and lost her virginity to her date that night.

Despite her rebellion, she still tried to help those around her–although her methods of help were somewhat different. For example, during her freshman year, she started a rumor that she had seduced the senior class nerd, Leonard Theodore Cranston, Ted to his friends and classmates, who had just been hazed in the men’s locker room the week before for being a virgin, in exchange for his help with her homework. The rumor was untrue, but Ted gained enough respect from his peers for “scoring with the freshman party chick” that they left him alone for the rest of the school year.

The summer before her sophomore year, Paige was arrested for underage drinking after the San Francisco Police Department broke up a party she was attending, and she was sentenced to community service at the South Bay Social Services office. It was there that she realized with absolute clarity that her personal mission in life was to help people. Social Services was rewarding work and even as a “volunteer” she managed to help three people during her community service–one of her proudest moments of her entire life. However, Paige’s rebellious streak was not quite over, and she continued to drink, party, and date throughout her teenage years.

Becoming Charmed Edit

At the end of her sophomore year, May 1993, Paige met a woman known as the Seer–Kyra to her friends–who had received the mother of all visions that revealed to her (in fragmented pieces) events for the next 15 years or so. Kyra learned that the Charmed Ones, whose coming was prophesized three centuries earlier during the Salem Witch Trials, would have their powers unbound and become active within five years, and their unknown half-sister, Paige, currently had access to but no knowledge of her own powers. Seeing the opportunity to alter the future of her visions to save not only herself and some of her allies, but also stick it to her enemies–most notably, her former mentor, the Seer, and the Source of All Evil himself–Kyra befriended Paige and began teaching her about her heritage, magic, and the life she lived.

Paige has also received training from Cole Turner, a ½ human, ½ demon who worked for humans as an Assistant District Attorney for San Francisco and for demons as an assassin named Belthazor, a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn. He taught Paige magic, deception, evasion, bribery, and burglary (specifically lock-picking and hot-wiring), and politics. In addition, Paige trained with John Smith, a Desert Storm vet who currently works as the Chief of Security for Pacific Heights Apartments (where Cole has a penthouse) in martial arts, weapons, military tactics and strategy, and (after turning 16 in August 1993) driving. Although Paige was okay with the stuff she learned from John, she preferred the magical aspects of her lessons than the physical.

When they learned of her existence, the Forces of Good, represented by the Elder Sandra, were pleasantly surprised that the Seer and her allies had actually been teaching Paige how to help people. However, They felt that Kyra was also transferring her personal beliefs (which were more selfish than selfless) onto Paige; fortunately, Paige’s parents had taught her right from wrong and her own strong moral compass evened out the Seer’s lack of ethics.

About a month after receiving her powers, Paige was informed by Kyra that a group of Rat demons – lower-level demons that acted as mobsters and loan sharks on Earth – were using a warehouse just off the Pacific Ocean to run drugs for whoever would pay, and that the United States Coast Guardwas planning to raid the warehouse. Unfortunately, according to Kyra, the Coast Guard was going to take casualties (two dead, another four wounded) and the Rats would escape with their lives…and the drugs. With that in mind, Paige agreed to go in before the Coast Guard and vanquish the Rats.

However, things did not go according to plan; first, the Rats had automatic weapons versus the limited magic and baseball bats Paige had been told to expect. Also, the Coast Guard had a man outside the warehouse to make sure the suspects and the drugs didn’t wander off. When the Rats began shooting at Paige, the Guardsman, Seaman John Walsh, came in to investigate and wound up witnessing Paige vanquish the demons with a spell. Having seen a 15-year-old girl do with a rhyme what he couldn’t do with his gun, Seaman Walsh took Paige into custody for questioning and brought her toCoast Guard Island.

Paige was questioned by the Island’s CGIS Special Agent-in-Charge, Jason Cooper, in the presence of one of the junior JAG officers, Lt. (j.g.) Ian Jones, and she made up a cover story. Although neither the veteran agent nor the rookie lawyer bought her story, Paige was nevertheless released after a couple of hours by the CGI Commander, Captain Jesse Reynolds, who ostensibly released her because the Coast Guard had no (believable) evidence on which to hold her and because Cole and Kyra had come to the Island to act as her legal representation. However, the Captain’s real reason for releasing Paige was because he had some limited knowledge of the supernatural (although he didn’t come out and say it).

Paige’s next major adventure came when Kyra informed her of a Water demon and came to Camp Skylark to vanquish him. There, she met Sam Wilder, an alcoholic hermit and her biological father. Upon learning his identity, father and daughter were able to finish what Patty started and vanquish the Water demon, and the two began to build a relationship. With Paige’s help, Sam was able to overcome his demons and once again become a contributing member of society. After vanquishing the demon, Sam taught Paige the “To Summon the Dead” spell, which allowed Patty’s spirit to return to the mortal plane, reuniting parents and child for the first time.

At the behest of the Elders, Paige was assigned a whitelighter, Natalie Brand, to help keep an eye on the good witch trained in magic by the immoral demons after she and her biological father vanquished the Water demon. However, the relationship between the two women was not very positive; Natalie was a stickler for rules and protocols, using logic and reason to fight her opponents, while Paige preferred to use her instincts and fly by the seat of her pants when fighting. In addition, Natalie was especially discouraging of mortals fighting demons and witches interfering in mortal affairs, and Paige believed wholeheartedly that if one had the power to do so, she or he was morally bound to help another if and when necessary.

Although Paige and Natalie could work together amicably (their track record speaks to that) and despite the mutual acknowledgment of the other’s opinions and the advantages and disadvantages of them, there were just too many differences between them and Natalie asked the Elders for reassignment.

One of her greatest challenges came in the spring of ’94, when her best friend/boyfriend, Glen, was shot to death. In her pain and anguish, Paige pleaded with Tempus, the Devil’s Sorcerer, to rewind time so she could save his life. Tempus–who had full knowledge of the shooting, unlike Paige who only knew that her boyfriend was dead–agreed, to teach the still-young witch a lesson about meddling in time. As the day began again, Paige did everything she could to keep Glen safe, but the two of them soon learned that the reason Glen was killed in the first place was because he intentionally stepped in front of the bullet to save someone else’s life. With the knowledge that by sparing his life, somebody else was going to die, Glen planned to relive the day exactly the way he did the first time, and there was nothing Paige could do about it.

Fortunately for Paige, it appeared to Tempus that she had learned her lesson about time traveling for personal gain, but still needed to be learn the cost of war. When the time for the shooting came, Tempus (unknown to everyone except the Angel of Death), manipulated the bullet to hit Glen in the shoulder instead of the chest and go through his arm and into the chest of the person behind him. The innocent woman, who turned out to be the ex-girlfriend of a mobster’s son, died en route to the hospital. In the end, the hitman and the mobster’s son were both convicted of murder, Glen regained the full use of his arm after a few months (and gained a new completely overprotective mother in the process), and Paige and Glen both learned a valuable lesson about the power of choice, and inevitability.

Not long after getting out of school for summer break before senior year, Paige was recruited by the US Navy at the request of Capt. James Cohen, father of India the Vampire Slayer (whom Paige had met and teamed up with to stop an apocalypse a few months earlier), to help infiltrate and take back the U.S.S. California, an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, after an Ensign who had been turned into a vampire while on liberty returned to his ship and killed the officers and turned some of the crew. While certain elements of the Pentagon wanted to simply destroy the California and be done with it, Capt. Cohen was able to convince the President and the Chief of Naval Operations to give him a chance to recover the ship intact. Paige was able to orb a small team, including herself, India, and three Navy sailors (a SEAL, a hospital corpsman, and a sonar technician), onto the submarine, where they went up against the 30 vampires aboard. The vamps figured that they would just hide out in the sub for as long as they wanted, occasionally going out to dry land every now and then for food and company, and use the California’s weapons if attacked or provoked. Paige and the others had a different plan, and proceeded to retake the ship by force. After nearly two hours of fighting, Paige and her team had successfully retaken the ship (although a few of the vampires had shot themselves out of the torpedo tubes to escape) with only one casualty, SO1 Jason Thrace, the SEAL.

With the California recovered, Paige and India were both given commendations from the President himself, and the two Navy personnel (STS2 Ryan Granger and HM2 James Waddell) were given their choice of assignments, and the matter quickly became closed and any and all reports on the hijacking were classified and buried.

Senior year Edit

As a senior in high school, Paige whimsically auditioned for the school play, portraying Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. It was during this performance that she came to the attention of Charlie Nickels, a Tony Award-winning actor who was looking to start his own non-human theater troupe to take Broadway by storm. Although Paige declined, she did promise to look him up if she was in the neighborhood. At the same time, she wound up fighting against Sweet, a singing and dancing demon whose magic made people break into song and dance before they spontaneously combusted.

On October 14, 1994, a few months after her 17th birthday, Paige’s parents both died in a car crash. Despite everything she knew and had seen and done since her awakening eighteen months earlier, Paige still suffered from survivor’s guilt. In accordance with her parents’ wishes (as written in their Last Will & Testament), Paige was emancipated by the State of California due to her age, and was bequeathed her parents’ entire estate, which, in addition to the insurance payments, gave Paige enough money to live comfortably on until she could finish high school and find a job. She subsequently sold her family’s house and moved into a rent-controlled studio apartment in the Pacific Manor Apartment Complex, in part to escape from the memories.

Although considered a Good Witch, Paige has been known to not only work with Evil for the Greater Good, but also stand alongside the Forces of Evil when the “good guys” go too far. This was made evident when she encountered the Ice Cream Truck, a magical truck which lured demonic children to their deaths before they could grow up and join “Team Evil”. Paige and her allies joined forces to stop the Truck and the creature within it, the Nothing, and accomplished the seemingly impossible: the permanent destruction of the Truck and the Nothing. It was during this mission that Paige developed her offensive power of combustive orbing, which she used against the Ice Cream Man, a mortal empowered by the Elders to drive a magical Ice Cream Truck that lures demonic children on Earth into it so they can be swallowed and destroyed by the Nothing (so far, her first and only human kill).

On Mother’s Day 1995, a few months after her parents’ car crash, Paige tried to summon the spirit of her mother and ended up summoning Patty Halliwell – her biological mother – instead. Although their reunion was somewhat awkward at first, mother and daughter proceeded to team up to stop a vengeful ghost looking to retaliate against the people responsible for the massacre of her family. After taking care of the ghost, Paige and Patty had dinner before the older woman returned to the afterlife.

During the Senior Prom, Paige and Glen’s night was interrupted by India and Kit, who were in town to stop a pack of hellhounds that had been let loose on unsuspecting citizens. Working together, they were able to defeat the hellhounds and make it back to the prom in time for the last dance.

Visit to the future Edit

On Christmas 1994, Paige received her own vision of sorts when she was sent 15 years forward in time to the reality that Kyra had foreseen in her vision after wishing on a shooting star. There, she learns that her older, alternate self is a Charmed One and a Professor at Magic School, as well as a full-fledged, full-time whitelighter and a part-time government consultant. The older Paige is also married to a (very handsome, very nice) parole officer named Henry Mitchell, with two daughters, Tamora and Kat, and an adopted son named Henry, Jr. She also has sisters who love her, two nice brothers-in-law, and multiple nieces and nephews.

However, Paige was also somewhat shocked, disappointed and even a little angry when she realized what kind of people the Charmed Ones were – they were good people, yes, but they were so isolated; their only real friends outside of the immediate family was a police officer and his family who lived in Oakland. They had a successful run of demon vanquishings, responsible for well over 1,000 vanquishes between them and together, but since they were largely self-taught and learned through trial and error, they only used spells, potions, and the occasional item that was lying around, unlike the more militant tactics, strategies, and methods that she had been taught by her friends and allies. What shocked Paige the most, though, was that the Charmed Ones regularly tortured demons for information when they needed it (and sometimes not even as a last resort); the closest she ever got to using such extreme methods was leaving the room while Cole conducted the “interrogation”, and even that made her uncomfortable. Also, the Charmed Ones appeared to make no real distinction between good and evil demons – something that as a friend to more than one non-hostile demon and a few hostile ones – irked Paige to no end. In addition, many of her friends, both human and non-human, are either no longer in San Francisco, do not know her (or her counterpart), or are dead (a couple, such as Sara Spencer, were all three).

As Paige tries to adjust to this new world, she tries to bring a little of her world to the 21st century. She sneaks into P3 under glamour to dance (and drink), and even manages to dust a few vampires – which, as Paige learned to her shock and horror, aren’t creatures the Charmed Ones deal with on any kind of regular basis unless the threat to themselves or others is immediately apparent (and most vamps learned quickly to lure their victims away from the Halliwell sisters to avoid being “immediately apparent”). She also takes a pistol off a thug who was trying to beat a prostitute (which was helpful as her own pistol was back in 1994, along with her other weapons and supplies) and gives the jerk a black eye and a kick in the balls for good measure.

While in 2009, Paige met the future, alternate version of Glen, who was married to another woman with two kids of his own. This Glen had traveled the world after high school, seeing such sights as the Eiffel Tower and the Great Barrier Reef, making nice with the local pretty women, and working odd-jobs for pocket change, until he met his wife Jessica in 2002. She convinced him to settle down, and the two now live in Los Angeles where he is the General Manager of Best Buy.

Paige spent just over two weeks in 2009, leaving on the 6th of July and returning the day she left, Christmas ’94, with a memory spell that blocked out information about the future; however, it was spotted and dispelled within the day by Paige’s friends. Unknown to the Charmed Ones, when she returned to her time, Paige brought back with her a few items from the future, including an iPhone and the gun she had taken from the thug. She also copied a few pages out of the Charmed Ones’ Book of Shadows which she then transferred to her own.

Road trip Edit

After graduating from George Washington High School, Paige and her friends, including Glen, Sara, and Deirdre, began a cross-country road trip, during which they took in the sights, sampled the cuisine, had a few romantic flings, and fought the supernatural when necessary. The road trip began down the coast to Los Angeles, and then across the country all the way to Atlanta, with tops in Roswell, Austin, New Orleans, and then up to D.C., then New York City, and finally Boston, before returning west, with stops in Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago, Reno, and more. All told, the road trip consisted of over 7,000 miles, more than 20 states (and part of Canada), and lasted more than four months.

College Edit

Upon her return to San Francisco, Paige began taking classes at San Francisco State University in the fall of 1995, where she slowly found herself struggling with her classes and her duties as a witch/whitelighter. That struggle paved the way for the Avatars, a group of immortal, near-omnipotent beings who despised the war between Good and Evil and longed to create Utopia, to approach her and siphon off her power to bring that creation to life. As the clock struck midnight on New Years’ Day, 1996, the world was remade in the Avatars’ image. Demons began dying by the score, the Elders were stuck in the Heavens, and free will was all but gone from the Earth.

With many of her closest advisors and friends gone (including Kyra, Cole, Sam, and Seamus), Paige began recruiting magical and mortal beings from both Good and Evil to take on the Avatars and get them to unmake what they did. One of her most desperate acts was to unleash Zankou, a very powerful demon who had been trapped in suspended animation by the Source not long after his coronation, because Zankou had knowledge of the last Avatar incursion, during the times of Ancient Egypt. Together, Paige and Zankou were able to recreate the Avatar vanquishing potion and use it as a bargaining chip to restore the world to the way it was and force the Avatars back into exile. The two have since enjoyed a live-and-let-live relationship, as well as a mutual physical attraction.

In the aftermath of the Avatar Incursion, Paige and Zankou were both brought before the Tribunal of Magic to face numerous charges, most specifically the revelation of magic to mortals, interfering with the Grand Design, and consorting with the Forces of Evil against the Forces of Good. With the help of Cole, who served as her legal representation, Paige was able to prove that, despite the fact that she had technically broken those rules, she was doing good work, and that without her powers (or her life), that work would come to an end. Zankou, who had only been out of stasis for a few weeks, was also able to beat the charges by appealing to the Tribunal’s demonic members that they needed a demon of his caliber working on their side, to offset the so-called advantage that Good had against them. After the trial, Zankou invited Paige to a celebratory drink…and the two of them “accidentally” woke up with each other the next morning.

With the Avatars and the Tribunal behind her, Paige returned to life as a college student majoring in political science. A natural politician due to her straddling the fence when it comes to Good versus Evil, Paige dreams a young woman’s dream of if not stopping then moderating the war between the moralities. She registered to vote as an independent when she turned 18, and considers her ability to see both/all sides of a political debate as a personal knack.

Not long after the Avatars were returned to their exile, Paige ran into Ava Nicolae, a senior at GW High, and helped her and her family stop Cree, a gypsy hunter who was looking to eradicate the Shuvani, a group of Gypsy high priests and priestesses, and the Nicolae tribe in particular in revenge for his father’s blindness. Paige was able to convince Ava, who wanted nothing to do with her gypsy heritage after the death of her mother, to stand alongside her tribesmen and defeat Cree. The two subsequently became friends.

When Paige was invited to Washington, D.C., by Ryan Benson, the US Secretary of Magic, she was awarded the Department of Magic Commendation Medal for her actions against the Avatars, and offered her a job on his staff as the junior-most Personal Assistant to the Secretary of Magic. She declined, citing a desire to remain in San Francisco, despite the Secretary’s offer to facilitate her transfer to Georgetown University’s School of Magic. Nevertheless, the Secretary reminded her that there was more to the world than San Francisco, and that, should she change her mind after graduation (and providing he was still in office at the time), he’d be honored to have her on his staff.

During Spring Break her freshman year, Paige was alerted by Kyra about the activation of a Nullifier, a mortal that is unaffected by and can negate the abilities of any magical being. Paige was able to protect the Null, a 13-year-old girl named Emily Marshall, from the Seer’s attempts to kidnap her, and the two of them became close, with Paige acting as a big sister to Emily. Paige also helped Emily overcome her grief at having taken the life of the demon who attempted to kidnap her.

On August 2, 1996 (her 19th birthday), Paige was finally able to summon the spirits of her parents after almost 22 months. Although they couldn’t stay long, Paige was able to tell her parents that she loved them and they told her how proud they were of her and the woman she’d become.

Paige officially met her half-sister, Phoebe Halliwell, when she began dating Cole, whom Phoebe met while working at City Hall for a temp agency. Both Paige and Cole are aware of the connection between the two girls, but Phoebe remains blissfully ignorant of their familial relations as the two of them are in the process of striking up a friendship.

In September 1996, not long after starting her sophomore year at SF State, Paige was grief-stricken when India was killed in battle in San Diego. Although she knew from personal experience that the job was dangerous, it still hurt immensely to have one of her closest friends ripped away from her like that. Paige and many members of her Coven went down to San Diego for the funeral service before India’s cremation.

Underworld Civil War Edit

When Zankou began his coup d’état against the Source, the Underworld was plunged into civil war. Paige was ordered by the Elders to stay out of the war and they threatened to strip her – and her allies – of their powers should she refuse. Not willing to risk directly disobeying the Elders, Paige instead decided to help Zankou indirectly, by supplying his side with safe harbor, supplies, and even spells, potions, and rituals. After Zankou was betrayed by one of his minions and forced aboveground by the Source, Paige and her team took to the streets, protecting the mortal lives that were caught in the crossfire by the warring demons.

During the final battle of the Underworld Civil War (which, as it so happened, fell on July 4, America’s Independence Day), Paige volunteered to accompany Zankou down to the Underworld, despite the Elders’ threat, and was joined by all of the other magical members of the Matthews Coven and a few of the non-magical members, including Glen and India. It was the Cabal’s presence during the battle that allowed Zankou and the Source to engage in a one-on-one battle to the death.

Although Paige survived the Civil War relatively unscathed (at least physically), some of her friends and allies weren’t as lucky. Both John Smith, her longtime former military instructor, and Falcyn, the father of her close friend Sara, were killed; and Glen lost his left forearm and hand. The losses left Paige with some post-traumatic stress, which wasn’t made any easier when the Elders promised to make good on their threat to strip Paige of her powers should she participate in the Civil War. However, she was spared from that fate when Zankou, the newly-coroneted Source of All Evil, appealed to the Elders on her behalf.

With Zankou the new Source, he began implementing major changes that drastically affected the never-ending battle between Good and Evil. In part because of these changes, Paige officially met Penny Halliwell, her biological grandmother, after the older woman and her coven refused to recognize the sanctity of the newly-established Underworld Consulate on Earth. Paige was asked to speak to Penny in order to maintain the neophyte and fragile diplomatic relations. Along with a representative from the Magical Bureau of Investigation, Paige reluctantly threatened to strip her grandmother of her powers if she should continue to violate the treaty.

About two months after the Underworld Civil War, Paige once again met her future self, Professor Paige Mitchell; this time, however, the older Paige traveled back in time to 1996 where she got a first-hand look at how things were different between their worlds, and between each other. Paige introduced Prof. Mitchell to some of her friends and contacts, including Kyra, Cole, Sam, Seamus, Sara, Ava, Emily, and more. In addition, Z Démon, a demonic porn mogul, happened to swing by when he heard that Paige’s future self was “in time”, and promptly propositioned the two of them to do a scene with his most handsome actor–an offer they both immediately and vehemently rejected (the future Paige harder than the present-day Paige). With the help of her counterpart and her Coven of magical and mortal beings from both sides, Paige was able to return to her own time with a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Appearance Edit

Paige is a strikingly-beautiful girl and stands at 5’ 4” tall and weighs just under 120 lbs. She has brown eyes and had naturally-brunette hair until just before her senior year of high school when a potion accidentally blew up in her face which turned her hair red (which she found she liked and has kept it that color ever since).

In terms of personal style, Paige has grown and matured since becoming a witch (plus, it’s more practical to fight in jeans and a tank-top than her “party girl” clothes). She frequently wears a black leather jacket while fighting demons. She often uses a bright red lipstick and has both her ears and belly button pierced.

Superpowers, weapons and equipment Edit

Paige with crossbow

As a witch-whitelighter hybrid, Paige is one of the most powerful singular magical beings alive, and her magic reflects this. In addition to the basic powers of a magical witch, such as spellcasting, potion brewing, and scrying, Paige possesses the following powers:

  • Orbing
  • Telekinetic orbing
  • Sensing
  • Cloaking
  • Glamouring
  • The ability to engage in telepathic communication

As she grew in both age and experience, Paige’s power level increased, and with some training and hard work, Paige managed to learn how to manipulate her orbing to include deviation (the ability to deflect away or send back attacks in the direction they came from), remote orbing (the ability to teleport objects or people away without sending herself), and the offensive power of combustive orbing (the ability to cause combustion by channeling orbs); the latter of which was first activated when she and her friends took on the Ice Cream Man and his magical truck that contained the Nothing.

However, because she is not a full-blood whitelighter, Paige does not possess the power to heal (without the help of another whitelighter, who’s power she can tap into in order to assist in the healing process), nor does she have the immortality and reconstitution abilities of a whitelighter.

As a teenage girl who was also a witch and a whitelighter, Paige has had to grow up fast–and learn some of life’s hardest lessons. Those lessons include that she should follow her instincts, as they were usually right, that most of the time the simplest solutions were the most effective, and that not every demon was evil and more importantly not every evil was demonic. Some of the harder lessons Paige learnt since becoming a witch was that protecting the innocent is more important (and more difficult) than punishing the guilty, that sometimes circumstances call for the choice that sucks the least (aka the lesser of two evils), that it is possible to do everything right and try her best and still lose, and that not even “superheroes” like her could save every life.

When Paige first became a witch in 1993, Kyra suggested to her that she should begin her own Book of Shadows – a text that lists the spells, potions, and magical creatures Paige has encountered. With fact alongside opinion, Paige kept detailed notes and sketches on many of her adventures in what started as a single 70-page spiral notebook, but it quickly grew as Paige’s horizons expanded and she grew more experienced. Her Book of Shadows is now a series of notebooks, binders, and file folders, with different subjects separated into different books or binders.

In addition to her magical powers, Paige has other skills and abilities. She is a natural leader with an extraordinary intuition, whose kindheartedness, intelligence, and willingness to work with both Good and Evil, led to the establishment of the “Matthews Coven”, a group of magical beings and mortals who police magical attacks on the unsuspecting human populace and unprovoked attacks on non-humans by demon hunters, street kids, and vengeful good magic users. While in high school, Paige’s favorite class was art, and she also enjoyed chemistry (which, thanks to her extracurricular activities (i.e. magic, specifically potion brewing), was very easy for her).

Paige has been taught by Cole how to lie, cheat and steal, although she is described by those who know her best as an honest person, a goody-two-shoes with exceptional morals and ethics, when she’s not partying with boys. Cole encouraged her to maintain her good and honest personality as it makes it a lot easier to function when deception is needed. He also taught her about mortal and supernatural politics and how to play “the game”, as well as a rudimentary knowledge of the law. She knows some Spanish and Italian, and has been taught Latin, Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, and other so-called “ancient languages” that some magical beings still use in spellcasting and as their standard language. She can also hold her liquor and is a very skilled lover “if I do say so myself.” Under Kyra’s (and later Ava’s) tutelage, Paige has become adept at some basic divination, such as reading Tarot cards, tea leaves, and even palms.

Thanks to John, Paige owns a Glock 30 in .45 ACP subcompact pistol, which she uses to help subdue and vanquish demons (although its effectiveness varies from demon to demon) and, when necessary, humans. Under John’s tutelage, Paige ranked Sharpshooter on the US Army’s weapons qualification course with her Glock. She is also fairly competent in hand-to-hand combat and gymnastics, and has been trained in vehicular control, swordsmanship and knife-throwing, but generally prefers to use magic whenever possible when fighting demons.

Romantic relationships Edit

Paige has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with her best friend, Glen Belland, since they were 12 years old, with whom she had her first kiss. During her freshman year of high school, Paige began to explore her sexuality and trying sexual acts, and finally lost her virginity to Vincent Rawlings, the 17-year-old boy who took her to the Senior Prom. She had a few “boyfriends” during her sophomore year (and even once participated in a threesome), but after becoming a witch in May 1993, Paige took a hiatus from dating, preferring to concentrate on her magic. She and Glen went to their Senior Prom together in 1995, which was interrupted by a pack of hellhounds. During her cross-country road trip, she had a brief fling in New Orleans with Louis Sisko, a magical practitioner of Louisiana Voodoo who’d just completed his freshman year at Tulane University. In 1996, after stopping the Avatars and beating criminal charges before the Tribunal of Magic, Paige had a drunken one-night stand with “frenemy” Zankou (whom she found to be a highly skilled and surprisingly attentive lover, if a little more rough than she was used to).

Kill count Edit

As of 1996, Paige has racked up an impressive kill count against the forces of darkness with over 100 vanquishings of demons, warlocks, and especially vampires, and she is responsible for the destruction of the Nothing. Her first (and so far only) human kill is the Ice Cream Man, and has been forced to put three humans (including one witch) in the hospital with non-life-threatening wounds “in the line of duty”.

Matthews Cabal Edit

A group of magical beings and mortals who police magical attacks on the unsuspecting human populace and unprovoked attacks on non-humans by demon hunters, street kids, and vengeful good magic users.  The group was founded by Paige Matthews at the age of 15; it started out small, just taking care of one family of demons, but it quickly grew into an entire cabal that had the respect (and disdain) of representatives of both Good and Evil.

It's members include:

  • Kyra, the Seer
  • Supervisor Cole Turner, SFBS/Belthazor
  • Sam Wilder
  • Glen Belland
  • John Smith (KIA, 1996)
  • India Cohen, the Vampire Slayer (KIA, 1996)
  • Sara Spencer/Saraptora
  • Ava Nicolae
  • Emily Marshall
  • Seamus Fitzpatrick
  • Deirdre Karadine

Alternate versions/potential future Edit

Paige’s future self from Kyra’s vision, Paige Matthews-Mitchell led a very different life than her younger counterpart, leaving them with different experiences, ideologies, and even personalities, although they are very similar at their core.

The future Paige from 2013 traveled through time and space and landed in 1996, where she met her younger self – who had previously traveled forward in time to 2009. From her younger self’s visit to the future, Paige knew the timelines were different…but she was unprepared for just how different their two worlds were (in addition to the recent coronation of Zankou as the Source of All Evil, of particular note to Paige was being propositioned by Z Démon, a demonic porn mogul, who invited her to do a scene with her younger self and his most handsome actor). With the help of her counterpart and her Coven of magical and mortal beings from both sides, Paige was able to return to her own time with a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Paige has been married to Henry Mitchell, a parole officer, since 2006. Together, they have three children: twins Tamora and Kat, and Henry Mitchell, Jr., who was adopted after his mother was killed by a darklighter. Along with her duties as a whitelighter and a Charmed One, Paige is the Professor of Advanced Magic at Magic School.

In recognition of her work as a teacher at Magic School and her mastery of the subject, Paige was awarded an honorary doctorate in Advanced Magic.

As the daughter of a witch and a Whitelighter, Paige is very powerful, despite being the youngest and last sister to discover her powers. In addition to the basic powers of a magical witch, such as spellcasting, potion brewing, and scrying, Paige possesses the powers of orbing, telekinetic orbing, sensing, cloaking, glamouring, and healing. As she grew in both age and experience, Paige’s power level increased, and with some training and hard work, Paige managed to learn how to manipulate her orbing to include deviation (the ability to deflect away or send back attacks in the direction they came from), remote orbing (the ability to teleport objects or people away without sending herself), and creating Orb Shields (a protective force field generated by orbs). Unlike the present-day Paige, the future Paige does not carry a weapon (although, as the husband of a police officer, she does know how to use one).

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