Here are a list of characters in The Network.

Brigadier General Alexander Lavelle “Xander” Harris, US Army (LDO) Edit

Harris, xander-0

The leader and founder of the Network, Xander Harris began fighting the forces of darkness at the age of 16, and created the Network at 17.  Possessing the animal-like senses of an Alpha Male hyena, the skills and memories of an Army Sergeant First Class who fought in Desert Storm, and the remnants of shark and other fish DNA from laced steroids given to him by his swim coach junior year, Xander was successful in leading his senior class against Mayor Wilkins III and avert an apocalypse.  Recognized for his determination, valor, and leadership by the United States Government, he was granted the rank of Brigadier General (limited duty) in the Army and awarded the Medal of Honor.

The father of a baby girl, Xander earns his keep as a construction worker and carpenter, both jobs he excels at, and spends all of his free time with his daughter.  He and his girlfriend/fiancée/wife, Cordelia, live in the best two-bedroom condo in Sunnydale, where they also keep an eye on the Hellmouth.  While working with the United States Air Force on a classified case of national (and global) security, Xander learned that his mother had a drunken one-night-stand with a Captain Jack O’Neill, USAF, whom she never saw again, who in actuality was his birth father.  This familial connection has only strengthened over time.  It was that strength, given to him by Jack, Cordelia, and Jessie, that allowed him to testify against his father, Tony Harris, for all of the abuse he suffered at the older drunk’s hands, most notably the loss of his eye.

Cordelia Erin “Cordy” Chase-Harris Edit

Chase, cordelia

Until she was sixteen years old, Cordelia Chase only knew a life of luxury.  She lived in a mansion and had everything she could ever want handed to her on a platter.  As a freshman in high school, she made the varsity cheerleading squad and rose up the ranks to the number two most popular girl, and inherited the role once the older one graduated.  She was lusted over by high school boys of all grades and envied by almost all of the girls in the school.

Unfortunately, her reign as Queen C was halted in her junior year when, after learning about the literal demons that plagued her hometown, she began working with the “freaks and geeks” who fought them, despite only helping them so she could go on her date on Tuesday night.  Her popularity dropped further when she began dating the school loser, Xander Harris, who was member of the “freaks and geeks” squad.  However, she regained her social status in senior year, when Xander Harris, her boyfriend, became a school legend for losing his eye in a fight and being the best friend of star running-back Larry Blaisdell.  Upon learning of Graduation Day, Cordy’s knowledge of politics allowed her to gather everyone in the school to listen, learn, and work with Xander to fight the Mayor and his vampires.

Cordelia’s personal life took a serious blow in her senior year when her father was arrested by the IRS for “making a little mistake on his taxes…for the last 12 years”, and her mother skipped town to Mexico to avoid the same fate.  Left penniless, she was forced to live off of Xander, who although he was more than happy to let her live with him in his apartment, made her uncomfortable at the idea of depending on someone else financially, because of what had occurred with her parents.  Also during her senior year, Cordy gave birth to a daughter, Jessica Dianne Harris, named after Xander’s best childhood friend, Jesse, whom he killed after he was turned into a vampire.

After high school, Cordy enrolled in UC Sunnydale using Xander’s Army benefits, majoring in political science.  Despite having absolutely no sense of tact, Cordy excelled in the diplomatic field due to her unique ability to make everybody sit down, shut up, listen to the truth as it was, and broker a deal.  She also is currently working her way up to black belt in aikido martial arts, and is a proficient shot with a crossbow and can swing a mean sword.

Jessica Dianne “Jessie” Harris Edit

Jessica Dianne Harris is the daughter of 18-year-old high school seniors Xander Harris and Cordelia Chase, born May 1, 1999.  Considered the brightest light in her parents eyes, Jessie, named after Xander’s best childhood friend, had her parents, godparents Larry Blaisdell and Aura Johnson, “Grandma” Joyce, and Auntie Dawn and Amy and Uncle Jonathan all wrapped around her little fingers from day one.  After her parents graduated high school and Cordelia began attending college, Xander acted as a stay-at-home dad, earning money from his GI bill while self-studying for a contractor’s license.  She was made an honorary member of the Network the moment she was born.

Although Jessie already has a reputation as “Daddy’s little girl”, she is almost the spitting image of her mother, and her first word was “Eww!”

Lawrence David “Larry” Blaisdell (KIA, 1999) Edit

Larry Blaisdell was the stereotypical small-town football hero: handsome, athletic, always with a different babe on his arm each night, and a bully to the nerds.  However, there was a lot more to Larry than just running down the football field not getting tackled, as evidenced by his nearly 180 degree turn around his senior year.  The previous year, Xander Harris suspected Larry of being a werewolf, but later found out that he was a closet homosexual.  When Buffy left town, Larry was the first person who came to Xander’s mind about who could even match half of Buffy’s strength.  Over the course of senior year, Larry and Xander grew to be best friends, but never lovers (Xander was dating Cordelia Chase, the hottest girl in school), served as Xander’s 2nd-in-Command on Graduation Day, and was even appointed baby Jessie Harris’ godfather.  Larry’s strength was mostly physical, and his years as a star running-back made him faster than one would expect from a 6 foot, 200+ lbs., 18-year-old, giving him an advantage over vampires and other villainous fiends that underestimated him and overestimated themselves.

Unfortunately, Larry was one of the casualties of battle that day when he was flung twenty feet in the air by the Mayor’s tail and snapped his neck on impact with the ground.  At the official briefing at the Pentagon two weeks later, Larry was honored specifically by name in a toast to the fallen and was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart for giving his life to avert an apocalypse.  He was buried in one of the few consecrated cemeteries in Sunnydale, with all the honors of a hero.  Ryan Parker, the Army’s Chief of Staff, personally handed an American flag to Larry’s sobbing mother and teary-eyed stepfather.

Jonathan Thomas Levinson Edit

One of Xander’s old friends from junior high, Jonathan is the quintessential sci-fi and comic book geek.  He’s seen every episode of every series of Star Trek, can tell the exact issue, title, and publishing date of “Spider-Man” where Peter Parker asked out Gwen Stacey, and at which point in Star Wars Yoda lifts the X-Wing fighter to the second.  Upon entering high school, he and Xander drifted apart, but reunited when Jonathan worked up the nerve to ask Xander to help him stop being taken as a human shield by the demons.  Jonathan’s innate geekiness, which allows him to individually research and produce six reports for six different people, three in classes he doesn’t take, plus the three of his own, and his moderate level power as a warlock make him an indispensable member of the Network for his research and computer skills.  While working with the Network, Jonathan grew attracted to Amy Madison, and worked up the nerve to ask her to Senior Prom – in an email.  They went, had a good time, and have been dating ever since.

After high school, Jonathan moved to San Francisco where he began taking mythology and sociology classes at San Francisco State, his first stop on his way to a degree and doctorate in mythology, while at the same time learning magic from the Charmed Ones.  On weekends and during apocalypses, Jonathan returns to Sunnydale to help out and crash on Xander’s couch.

Amy Josephine Madison Edit

The daughter of a witch, Amy was friends with Xander, Willow, and Jesse back in elementary school.  However, once she hit puberty, her mother began abusing her, hating her for being young while she was getting older.  Eventually, Catherine Madison uses her magic to switch bodies with her daughter in an effort to relive her youth.  After injuring her competition at cheerleading tryouts, the original Scooby Gang was able to get Amy back in her own body and imprison Catherine in an old cheerleading trophy.  Amy is then sent to live with her father and stepmother, where she was much happier.

After Cordelia dumped Xander in junior year due to peer pressure, Xander blackmails Amy into casting a love spell; however, the spell went awry and caused Amy and every other female in Sunnydale–except for Cordelia–to fall madly and obsessively in love with him.  After the spell was reversed, Amy laid low for a while, disappointed that her spell had gone so wrong.  However, once Buffy left town and kicked Xander out of the Scooby Gang, he recruited her services as a witch.  As the resident spellcaster for the Network, Amy’s skills are mostly put toward discovering and disabling any curses, hexes, or spells that may befall them, and using magic as an offensive weapon when necessary.

While working with the Network, Amy accepted Jonathan’s invitation to Senior Prom, and the two have been dating ever since.  However, it was soon made into a long-distance relationship when Jonathan moved to San Francisco and Amy traveled to Devon, England, to learn witchcraft from the Devon Coven, one of the most powerful magical covens in the world.  Like Jonathan, Amy returns to Sunnydale every chance she gets–and for every apocalypse.

Aura Kimberly Johnson Edit

A beautiful and popular honey-blonde member of the Cordettes, Aura quickly usurped Harmony Kendall as Cordelia Chase’s best friend and number two most popular girl at Sunnydale High. Unique amongst her fellow cheerleaders, Aura isn’t a sheep or a slut, but made her way into the Cordettes by having brains as well as T & A.  Although not a genius by any stretch of the imagination, Aura has an incredible amount of common sense not normally found in seventeen year old girls, developed due to her older half-sister’s life experiences and her own observations.

Aura was inadvertently responsible for Xander’s alienation from their peers during junior high and high school, when, during a party in 7th grade, she spread the word that he was a bad kisser after a game of “seven minutes in heaven”.  (She didn’t know that it was his first kiss, and didn’t learn that until their senior year in high school.)

After Cordelia began hanging out with the “freaks and geeks” and subsequently dating Xander Harris, Aura backed her when Harmony tried to take over the Cordettes, if not publicly than more covertly.  The loyalty inspired in the Cordettes by Aura led Cordy to appoint the honey-blonde her second, and the two became real friends.  When Xander formed the Network, Aura was charged with being their liaison to the Cordettes and the school’s gossip, and was chosen by Cordelia to be her daughter’s godmother.  During the Graduation Day battle against the Mayor, Aura was wounded in action, suffering a bruised jaw, a concussion, a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder after being punched by a vampire at full strength and landing the wrong way.

Once she had recovered from her injuries sustained at Graduation, Aura was accepted at USC, where she discovered her love for the law, and began taking pre-law classes, with plans to make a career in Legal Aid, providing the less fortunate with not just adequate, but good legal counsel. With a much bigger load of work than any of her friends in the Network, she rarely has enough personal time to return home, but makes a habit of making herself available during any and all apocalypses.

Dawn Marie Summers Edit

Summers, dawn

Although only eleven years old when the Network was founded, Dawn Summers, sister of Buffy Summers, has played an integral part since it’s conception.  At first, Dawn stood for all that was innocent, sweet, and beautiful about the world, the reason why they fought.  As time passed, though, and as Dawn grew up, she became more than just a figurehead to fight for.  During Graduation Day, Xander Harris, the leader of the Network and her pseudo-big brother, gave her the task of telling the government when or if they needed to go to Plan B.  Fortunately, Plan A worked and Dawn didn’t need to make the call Xander asked her to make in the event of Sunnydale High’s Army losing.  At thirteen, Xander officially employed Dawn as his own personal assistant; it was her responsibility to schedule his appointments, make coffee/donut runs, and just in general help him out.  Since officially joining the Network, she has received training in nearly everything, including martial arts, politics, firearms, and boys.

In early 2000, at the age of 13, Dawn was summoned to the Land of the Fey by King Oberon and Queen Titania from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to aid the magical community against a demonic attack.  She has since been granted honorary citizenship in the Faeries’ Realm as well as the Faeries’ Royal Medallion, the highest honor awarded to non-Fey.

When she was attacked by Glorificus, an insane Old One who wanted to use her Key powers to return home (and inadvertently destroy the multiverse), the Network came together to protect their “little sister”.  Between the Network, the Scooby Gang, and the Charmed Ones, they were able to bind Glory’s powers long enough for Dawn to grab the sword that was being used by the now-unconscious Xander to chop off Glory’s head, giving Dawn her first confirmed kill.

Jesse McNally (d. 1997) Edit

Jesse McNally was Xander Harris’ best friend since preschool.  They grew up together, attended elementary and middle school together, and even founded the “We Hate Cordelia Chase” club when they were seven, with Xander as the treasurer, Jesse the secretary, and Willow Rosenberg the president.  Although it was originally founded because of Cordy’s “girl cooties” (despite Willow also being a girl), it soon became a club dedicated to “hating” Cordelia for her popularity and her teasing/mocking of the less popular, namely themselves.  However, once adolescence kicked in, both Jesse and Xander developed crushes on Cordelia.  She repeatedly turned Jesse down, mocking him that he’d ever believe that she’d date a loser like him outside of his own personal fantasies.

Then came that fateful day, March 10, 1997.  Jesse, Xander, and Willow all met Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer (who’s secret was unknown to them at that time) on her first day at Sunnydale High.  The four agreed to meet and study at the Bronze, Sunnydale’s local hangout, and Jesse was asked to dance by a beautiful blonde-haired woman.  Accepting the dance, and then the invitation to go out back, he had no idea that it would be the last thing he ever did.  The woman’s name was Darla, a 400 year old vampire who killed and turned Jesse so her trapped sire, the Master, could be released on the next day, the Harvest.

Jesse showed the typical attitude of newly-sired vampires when confronted by Xander, astonished by his newfound powers and immortality. Fortunately for Xander, Dr. Rupert Giles, Buffy’s Watcher had earlier warned him that when he saw Jesse, he wouldn’t be looking at his friend but rather at the creature that killed him. In the ensuing battle, the vampire Jesse is killed by Xander, by accident when a panicking clubber rushing past pushes Jesse onto the stake that Xander is threatening him with.

When the Network was formed, Xander immediately made Jesse an honorary member posthumously as the First Soldier Down.  To honor his best friend, he named his first-born daughter Jessie, a gesture her mother, Cordelia Chase, had no problem agreeing to.  His name is also the first one on the memorial plaque that lists the names of all the students of Sunnydale High School lost to the forces of darkness that rests on the wall of Xander’s office.

Corporal Andrew Michael “Drew” Burgess, US Army Edit

In 1998, 23-year-old Private First Class Drew Burgess, United States Army, attached to the National Guard, was somewhat disillusioned with his life.  In high school, he dreamed of becoming an artist, and spent all of his time drawing, painting, and coloring.  His dream came crashing down around him when he was rejected from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, the school he had planned on attending.  When none of his fallback options came through for him, Drew spent a year in community college before enlisting in the Army.  He was given the rank of Private in 1995 and assigned to the Sunnydale National Guard Armory.  He was promoted to Private First Class six months later, where he remained for the next two years.  His life was boring, his love life was non-existent, his Army check could barely support him what with the rising cost of living – it wasn’t looking good.

That all changed that one fateful June day, when Drew met Xander Harris, who had come to the Armory to entertain his girlfriend.  Before he knew it, Drew was becoming friends with the “Sergeant”, and soon, it became apparent that while Xander may not’ve been a Sergeant in the United States Army, as he claimed to be, he was still very much a soldier, and one he was proud to know and call a friend.  When Xander revealed the truth about his identity and the forces of darkness that plagued Sunnydale to himself and the base commander, Lt. Col. Newsome, in order to get some professional help in training the high school’s senior class to defend against the Mayor, Drew was happy to help and was placed in charge of the students shooting M-16s and SPAS 12s, as the only professionally-trained shot among them.  During the battle, Drew was shot by a vampire who had stolen a crossbow from a student he had killed.  With the arrow still in his shoulder, Drew was able to use the SPAS to blow the bloodsucker’s head off, and one attacking another student before succumbing to the pain and passing out.  While unconscious, he was dragged off the battlefield and treated for injuries by one of the medical practitioners that was in attendance for his son’s graduation.

Two weeks later, Drew was promoted to the rank of Corporal, awarded the Purple Heart for being wounded in the line of duty, and invited to join the 75th Ranger Regiment upon completion of Ranger School.  Drew accepted, and was reassigned to Fort Benning, where he (and Xander, who took the same course) spent the most intense nine weeks of his life earning his Ranger tab.  He now travels the world with his regiment, operating wherever on Earth (and on the very rare occasion, beyond Earth) he needs to be.

Captain Jennifer Erin Cambridge, JAGC, US Army Edit

Beautiful and intelligent, Xander specifically requested that First Lieutenant Jennifer Cambridge be transferred from Army JAG Headquarters in DC to Sunnydale under his command to provide legal counsel to the Network.  General Huffman, the Judge Advocate General, approved the transfer, in addition to giving her a promotion to Captain and appointing her a Judge Advocate, which allows her to try and defend cases.

As Judge Advocate of the Network, Jen is responsible for all legal matters of the Network.  One of her more challenging responsibilities is a liaison position between a member of the Network and a local, state, or federal attorney in cases involving the supernatural.  While working for the Network, Jen fell in love with her partner, CID Captain Tom Evans, and have been having a not-so-secret love affair.

Jen’s awards and decorations include the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, and the Army Service Ribbon.

Joyce Summers Edit

Mother of Buffy and Dawn Summers, Joyce Summers is “the perfect mom”.  The owner of an art gallery, Joyce moved to Sunnydale with Buffy and Dawn after divorcing her husband and gained sole custody.  When Buffy met Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris, she became a pseudo-mother to them as well, to make up for Willow’s mom’s lack of attention to her daughter and Xander’s mom who was abused by her husband and a drunk.  After learning her daughter was a Vampire Slayer, Joyce, out of anger, banished her from the house, contributing to Buffy’s running away to Los Angeles for the summer of ’98.  However, once Xander shows up with only one eye after one of his father’s drunken rages, Joyce practically adopted the boy, while her younger daughter, Dawn, became attached to Xander in the way eleven year olds with a crush do.

Though she still loves and supports Buffy, Joyce is disappointed with her holier-than-thou attitude, and is closer to Dawn than her.  She also becomes the de facto mother of the members of the Network, and the voice of reason, normality, and maternal concern for the group.

Buffy Anne Summers, the Vampire Slayer Edit

Willow Danielle Rosenberg Edit

Dr. Rupert Edmund Giles, Ph.D. Edit

Angel, the Vampire With a Soul/Angelus, the Scourge of Europe/Liam Edit

Daniel “Oz” Osbourne Edit

Tara Maclay Edit

Faith Lehane, the Vampire Slayer Edit

Harmony Elaine Kendall Edit

Colonel Paul Newsome, US Army Edit

Xander Harris was a frequent visitor to the Sunnydale Armory, borrowing AT-4s and SPAS-12s to use against the supernatural forces of darkness throughout his last year and a half of high school, but he never met the base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Paul Newsome until the week before Graduation.  He enlisted Colonel Newsome’s help to train the senior class in how to use guns and tactics to the best of military proficiency in one weeks’ time in order to avert the apocalypse.  At first believing it to be a joke, a call from Army Chief of Staff Parker quickly changed his tune, and he earnestly began to help.  When Graduation Day came, Colonel Newsome led the soldiers under his command against the Mayor, coordinating with Larry Blaisdell, who was leading the students, and Xander who was in overall command of the mission.

When the battle was over, Lieutenant Colonel Newsome was promoted to Colonel, and awarded both the Army Commendation Medal and the Joint Meritorious Unit Award.  Upon the official formation and branching out of the Network, Paul wasn’t formally attached to the Network, but remains in command of the Sunnydale Armory and a close ally of the Sunnydale branch of the Network, where its headquarters are located.

LeAnn Rimes Edit

A country music singer whose life was saved by Xander Harris in Los Angeles, the two of them became friends.  She made a surprise appearance at the Sunnydale High School Senior Prom in 1999.

General Ryan Parker, US Army Edit

Chief of Staff of the United States Army

Major Paul Davis, J.D., USAF Edit

Davis, paul

Major Paul Davis of the United States Air Force may have one of the most pressing jobs in the entire United States Armed Forces: liaison to classified, secret military projects such as the Network and Stargate Command.  Though some soldiers consider him a DC pencil pusher, but he wouldn’t trade his job for anything.

As liaison to the Network, it is Davis’s job to keep the Pentagon apprised of all of the Network’s military operations, read over the mission reports filed by said military operatives, and provide any backup needed for the apocalypse.  In addition to the Network, he is also closely affiliated with the SGC, as he is also the Pentagon liaison to that project as well.

Major General George S. Hammond, USAF Edit

Hammond, george

The commanding officer of Stargate Command, a top secret Air Force facility in Colorado Springs that operates the Stargate, General Hammond is a highly decorated career military officer whose meritorious service in Vietnam, Kuwait, and Stargate Command has spanned over thirty years.  Shutting down the Stargate program would’ve been his last assignment before retirement, but due to the extraterrestrial threat that the Goa’uld possessed, the program was kept open.  General Hammond has been a widower since 1994, when his wife died of cancer.  He has two grandchildren, Kayla and Tessa, whom he loves very much and sees every chance he gets.

Due to his status as the commanding officer of the SGC, General Hammond has the highest clearance level in the US government and then some, with only very classified need-to-know information not at his beck and call.  In 1999, he was invited to dinner at Arlington Hall to celebrate the victory of Alexander Harris and the Sunnydale High Class of ’99, with a little help from the Army National Guard stationed at the local armory against Mayor Wilkins III, who had transformed into a pure demon and intended to cause an apocalypse.  Later that year, Hammond invited Xander to Cheyenne Mountain to visit, and the two ended up fighting for their lives when a demon tore through downtown Colorado Springs while they were in town with Hammond’s granddaughters. 

Rear Admiral, lower half James Timothy “Jim” Kendall, USN Edit

One of the most famous and decorated men in the United States Navy, Admiral Jim Kendall has been the brunt of many, many jokes over the course of his career, and it was made worse when he took command of the most prestigious Navy aircraft carrier in the fleet, the U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65), in 1997, due to the similarity in name and even appearance of Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.  As the commander of the Big E, as it is called by sailors and civilians alike, Captain Kendall is one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Like General Hammond of Stargate Command, Capt. Kendall has the highest clearance level in the US government and then some, with only very classified need-to-know information not at his beck and call, and was also invited to the Graduation Day celebratory dinner at Arlington Hall in 1999.  There, he became friends with Alexander Harris, for whom being friends with the Captain of the Enterprise was like a dream come true.

On January 1, 2000, Capt. Kendall was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and given the position of Commanding Officer, Carrier Strike Group 12 (the U.S.S. Enterprise Battle Fleet). 

He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, class of 1974, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  As a career Naval Officer, Adm. Kendall is a recipient of the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, two Defense Superior Service Medals, the Legion of Merit, and many more.

Colonel Jonathan J. “Jack” O’Neill, USAF Edit

O'neill, jack

While visiting General Hammond at Cheyenne Mountain, Xander Harris learned from Dr. Fraiser, the base’s CMO, that Tony Harris, the drunk who raised him, was not in fact his biological father.  His father, to the surprise of all parties, was in fact one Colonel Jack O’Neill, leader of SG-1 and 2iC of the entire Stargate Command.  For Jack, who realized that Xander was a product of a drunken one-night-stand with Xander’s mother when he was a Captain two years before he married his wife, it was almost too good to be true, since he had lost his own son in ’94.  For Xander, who had grown up in an abusive household and had even lost his eye thanks to his father, was weary of having a new dad.  At the same time, Jack learned that he was a grandfather to a baby girl, another dream come true. 

Jack, like his son, is prone to making quips and facetious remarks at the drop of a hat, and uses humor to hide his own pain, fear, and seeming inadequacies.  His wife divorced him after the death of their son, Charlie, and his lack-of-genius when compared to his 2iC, Major Samantha Carter, who holds a doctorate in astrophysics and is a scientific genius, and his civilian consultant, Daniel Jackson, who’s a linguist and archaeologist that is almost always ready with a translation or historical note of significance, sometimes leaves him feeling stupid.  In addition, while working with Major Carter, Jack accidentally falls in love with her over the course of their time working together.  Also like his son, Jack likes to blow stuff up, and uses C-4 and other explosives to destroy spaceships and hand grenades to take out multiple enemies who are shooting at him.

Prudence “Prue”, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell, the Charmed Ones Edit

The Charmed Ones

Their powers are Telekinesis (Prue), Molecular Immobilization (Piper), and Premonition (Phoebe), the same powers as their ancestor and the founder of the Warren line of witches, Melinda Warren.

King Oberon and Queen Titania Edit

Rulers of the Land of the Fey

Mayor Richard “Dick” Wilkins III (killed, 1999) Edit

The first official threat faced by the Network, Mayor Richard Wilkins was over one hundred years old in 1999.  Wilkins came to the future site of Sunnydale to mine for gold, but instead found the Hellmouth.  Upon discovering the properties of the gateway to hell, Wilkins established a town, with himself as Mayor.  During that time, he sold his soul for immortality and power.  Sunnydale quickly became the most evil and corrupt town in the world, thanks to the Mayor’s backing.  While as the Mayor of Sunnydale, Wilkins soon became affiliated with the rogue portion of the NID, who helped keep Sunnydale off the national and global maps (unless one looked) and became a client of the demonic law firm, Wolfram & Hart, in Los Angeles.  After Buffy Summers the Vampire Slayer arrived in 1997, Wilkins hired Ronald Snyder, a mean and sadistic jerk, as the Principal of Sunnydale High, to replace the much more loved Principal, Robert Flutie, who was eaten by hyena-possessed students.

When Xander Harris and his friends learned of Wilkins’ plot to Ascend into an Old One, Olvikan, and that the sixty-foot snake-like creature gained power from eating humans, they immediately began creating a plan of defense and attack.  With only a week’s warning, Xander and his friends called upon the Senior Class of ’99 to help fight the Mayor for their lives.  With access to the Sunnydale Armory and the base personnel, Xander came up with an operational plan of engagement that was put into action on Graduation Day.

On Graduation Day, Xander led the students and Sunnydale’s contingent of the U.S. Army against the Mayor and his gang of vampires.  The Class of ’99 was victorious, as they killed the Mayor with a very large homemade fertilizer bomb along with a few pounds of C-4, and most of his vampires, but the price was high.  Starting with 412 students, another hundred soldiers, and a few hundred civilians (parents, grandparents, and siblings), the battle ended with a death toll of 128 students, 2 teachers, 14 soldiers, and Principal Snyder (who, like his predecessor, was eaten). 

Professor Margaret “Maggie” Walsh, Ph.D. (killed, 2000) Edit

The civilian scientist in charge of the Initiative

She was killed by her own creation, Adam. 

Adam (killed, 2000) Edit

Frankenstein’s monster, Adam is an amalgam of man, machine, and demon, and powered by a uranium power source.

Adam was destroyed by the Network with a little bit of luck and a lot of skill.

Glorificus “Glory” of the Triumvirate (killed, 2000) Edit

Originally an Old One who left Earth for a hell dimension when the Old Ones began losing their hold on Earth, Glorificus ruled her domain alongside two other weaker deities, creating a Triumvirate of Gods.  However, afraid that Glorificus would take full control of their dimension, the other two members of the triad began a war with her and won, banishing her to the earthly dimension, where she was forced to share a body with a child named Ben, who was created solely to hold her.

Glorificus soon began to gain control over Ben for short periods of time, taking the form of a vain, self-centered human female called “Glory” who possessed superhuman strength far beyond that of the demons of the time and the Vampire Slayer, but lacked her other powers.  She came to Sunnydale looking for “the Key”, a mystical item created by the Old One Illyria that had the power to break down the walls between all dimensions.  Glory planned to use the Key to return to her home dimension; however, the plan would cause the dimensional barriers throughout the multiverse to merge, effectively destroying the known multiverse.

The Key, which had been stolen from Illyria by Dagon, a young Old One and given to his monks, was transformed from a green mystical ball of energy into a young girl and given to the Slayer as a sister to protect it from Glorificus, a hellgod bent on returning to her home hell dimension.

However, things didn’t go as the Czech monks of the Order of Dagon planned, as the Slayer had moved to England to attend college, while Dawn remained in California, employed as the gopher of the Network and personal assistant of Xander Harris.  Upon learning that Glory intended to kill Dawn to gain her powers so she could return home (and inadvertently destroy the multiverse), the Network and their allies hit Glory with everything they had.  They eventually won when the Charmed Ones, Amy, and Jonathan all combined their power for one massive binding spell, which lasted long enough for Dawn, who had grabbed the sword that was being used by the now-unconscious Xander, to chop off her head.

Ba’al, System Lord of the Goa’uld Empire Edit

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