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Troy Burrows, the Red Megaforce Ranger, is one the main characters of Power Rangers: The Legendary War, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005. He is adapted from the fictional character of the Power Rangers franchise portrayed by Andrew Gray.

Biography Edit

Leader of the Megaforce Rangers, Troy Burrows became a Power Ranger during his junior year of high school a few weeks after his 17th birthday.  He is a recent transplant to Harwood, having been raised all over the world due to his father’s career in the military.  He has a prior connection to the Power Rangers – he was actually born in Angel Grove; his family moved away when he was two years old shortly after the Countdown to Destruction.

A loner, Troy was raised in a tough environment; his father, while not abusive in the traditional sense, demanded perfection from his son.  Between that and the frequent transfers, Troy didn’t have very many friends before arriving in Harwood.  His true passion is martial arts – Troy is a student of several styles, although he was never in one place long enough to earn any kind of rank.  Troy is extremely disciplined and responsible, and is much more mature than most people his age.  He is also described as fearless, although he would dispute that – he feels fear, but doesn’t let his fears influence or control him.

One of Troy’s strengths is also one of his greatest weaknesses: his confidence, which leads him to arrogance and autocracy.  When he starts something, he finishes it, no matter what obstacles are in his way; similarly, it is hard for him to change his mind or tactics while in the middle of something, such as a fight.  There are also times when he prefers to act alone instead of with his team, which has resulted in him getting grievously injured more than once.

A few weeks after becoming a Ranger, Troy engaged in one-on-one combat with Creepox of the Warstar Army.  After a grueling battle, Troy emerged victorious.  However, he was unable to assist the other Rangers in defeating the monster-of-the-week, passing out from his injuries inside the Gosei Great Megazord.

Both of Troy’s female teammates, Emma Goodall and Gia Moran, have displayed a physical attraction toward their leader; similarly, he has noticed both are beautiful women that any man would be lucky to have as his girlfriend.  However, due to Jake’s obvious crush on the Yellow Ranger and his own desire to put saving the world before any romantic entanglements, Troy is content to remain single.  He did, however, share a nice long romantic kiss with Lauren Shiba, the female Red Samurai Ranger.

Since becoming a Power Ranger, Troy has led his team against the Insectoids, toxic mutants, and the robots that wished to destroy the world.  When the Armada attacked, Troy’s Megaforce powers were upgraded to Super Megaforce, and he was also given the ability to morph into the Legendary Rangers of the past, present, and future.  During their off-time, Troy teaches his friends some of the martial arts he’s learned throughout his life, including how to use his senses in a fight instead of relying solely on eyesight.

Shortly after becoming the Red Super Megaforce Ranger, Troy and his team met Casey Rhodes, the Jungle Fury Red Ranger, Pai Zhuq Master, and part-time zookeeper.  He helped the Rangers become stronger martial artists by teaching them how to tap into their animal spirits; Troy was revealed to have the spirit of the dragon – bold and powerful.  During their fight with the monster-of-the-week, Troy became the Jungle Fury Red Ranger and used his newfound animal spirit to help him win the day.

After running into the one-and-only Dr. Tommy Oliver during the Armada’s invasion, Troy and the others used the Legendary Morphers to morph into Tommy’s five Ranger powers.  Troy chose to morph into the White Ranger, while Noah, Jake, Gia, and Emma became the Dino Thunder Black Ranger, Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, Zeo Ranger V, and Red Turbo Ranger, respectively.

Troy, Noah, and Jake became the first male Rangers in Earth’s history to transform into Pink Rangers; they and Gia used the Legendary Morphers to become the Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger, Zeo Ranger I, Pink Time Force Ranger, and Pink Space Ranger, respectively, in order to fight alongside Emma, who wanted to show the Armada’s general the power of pink.

Not long after meeting Orion, the Silver Super Megaforce Ranger, Troy and the others all transformed into Silver Rangers as a show of solidarity; he morphed into the Titanium Lightspeed Ranger.  He also transformed into the Quantum Ranger during the Rangers’ battle in the Legendary 6thRanger Modes.

One day while practicing his martial arts in the Harwood Forest, Troy met Earth’s first female Red Ranger, Lauren Shiba.  Lauren helped Troy improve his sword fighting technique, and during the subsequent battle against the Armada, Troy used the Red Samurai Ranger’s power to put practice into action.  After the battle was over, Troy and Lauren shared a nice long romantic kiss.

When the Armada found a way to recreate a Crustacean, Troy and the Megaforce Rangers were given access to a special set of Legendary Ranger Keys – those of the Big Bad Beetleborgs.  Troy used his to become the Chromium Gold Beetleborg.

After the defeat of Prince Vekar of the Armada, Vrak reemerged from hiding in order to complete what he started over a year ago – taking over the Earth.  Vrak captured Orion (which blocked the Rangers’ access to the Super Mega and various Legendary Modes) and brainwashed Robo Knight and turned him against the Rangers.  Despite his extensive wounds, Troy was able to break through to Robo Knight during their one-on-one fight, and was saddened and angered when Robo Knight gave his life to rescue Orion.  Troy was also responsible for destroying Vrak once and for all, using Vrak’s own eclipse to power his Dragon Sword for the “Infinite Sky Strike” attack.

With both Prince Vekar and Vrak destroyed, their father, Emperor Mavro, came to Earth to avenge them personally.  He ordered his strongest warrior, Damaras, to capture the Red Ranger, and proceeded to hold him in order to get Earth to surrender.  Fortunately, Troy was rescued by Jake and Tensou, and he led the Rangers to overcome Damaras.

With his generals all destroyed, Emperor Mavro began an all-out destructive invasion of Earth.  Troy and the others fought back with all of their power, defeating dozens of hundreds of X-Borgs and Armada ships.  However, Mavro had numbers on his side, and eventually destroyed all of the Zords and wounding the Rangers.  Despite their losses, the Rangers refused to give up, and while Noah, Jake, Gia, and Emma fought off the Armada’s foot soldiers, Troy and Orion infiltrated Mavro’s flagship.  Working together, Troy and Orion were able to turn the flagship’s weapons on the rest of the invasion before destroying the ship itself.  However, like the two Rangers, Mavro also escaped the destruction of his flagship, which necessitated the Rangers accessing many of their legendary modes before finishing Mavro off once and for all with the Super Mega Cannon.

Although all of the Armada’s leaders were destroyed, there was still a phalanx of X-Borgs to defeat.  The Megaforce Rangers, along with the help of the Legendary Rangers that had transversed time and space, fought side-by-side and ended the threat of the Warstar Armada forever.  With the job complete, Troy and the other Megaforce Rangers, like the Legendary Rangers before them, hung up their Morphers until the day when they might be needed again.

Powers and abilities Edit

Red megaforce ranger

As the Red Megaforce Ranger, Troy carries a Mega Blaster as his Ranger sidearm and uses the Dragon Sword as his personal weapon.  He is in command of the Gosei Dragon Mechazord, and also shares access to the Sky Brothers Zords with Emma.  When the occasion calls for it, Troy can use the Ultra Sword to power up as the Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger.

As the Red Super Megaforce Ranger, Troy commands the Super Mega Skyship, and carries both a Super Mega Blaster and Super Mega Saber.  He can also utilize the power of the Legendary Rangers via the Legendary Ranger Keys and the Legendary Morpher.

Legendary Ranger Modes Edit

Since being granted access to the power of the Legendary Rangers via the Legendary Ranger Keys and the Legendary Morpher, Troy has used it to become numerous Rangers of the past, present, and future, including:

  • Mighty Morphin Red Ranger → Red Ranger with Dragon Shield
  • Red Alien Ranger of Aquitar
  • Zeo Ranger V–Red
  • Red Turbo Ranger
  • Red Space Ranger → Red Battalizer Ranger
  • Red Galaxy Ranger → Red Armored Ranger
  • Red Lightspeed Ranger
  • Red Time Force Ranger
  • Red Wild Force Ranger
  • Red Ninja Storm Ranger
  • Dino Thunder Red Ranger
  • SPD B-Squad Red Ranger
  • Red Mystic Force Ranger
  • Red Overdrive Ranger
  • Jungle Fury Red Ranger → Jungle Master Red Ranger
  • Ranger Operator Series Red
  • Red Samurai Ranger → Super Samurai Mode → Shark Attack Mode
  • Red Legendary Squadron Ranger
  • Red Legendary Dragon Ranger
  • Red Prism Ranger
  • Red Blitz Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin White Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger
  • Quantum Ranger
  • Titanium Ranger
  • Chromium Gold Beetleborg

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