The U.S.S. Baton Rouge (NCC-75000) is the main setting of Callin’ Baton Rouge, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005.

History Edit

The Baton Rouge is a Federation Cheyenne-class light cruiser attached to Starfleet’s 1st Fleet, stationed at Federation Starbase Proxima in the Alpha Centauri sector. It has multiple responsibilities, including patrolling the Federation’s core boundaries, charting local spatial anomalies, ferrying ambassadors and dignitaries within its patrol route, and more.

The Baton Rouge saw combat during the Dominion War and was on standby during the Borg Invasion of 2381 equidistant between the Earth and Alpha Centauri sectors, should the Borg make it to either location.

The Baton Rouge was the first ship to respond when a warship from an alternate timeline, the E.F.S. Illustrious under the command of Princeps Senior Jean-Luc Picard, entered their area of operations. The Baton Rouge was no match for the Illustrious, and they were quickly disabled. Illustrious was ultimately driven back to their universe by most of the entire 1st Fleet, along with the Enterprise-E.

Although not as well-known by the general public as the U.S.S. Enterprise, the Hood, the Defiant, the Excalibur, or Voyager, the Baton Rouge is a popular posting within Starfleet, particularly with married crewmembers with families that don’t want to (or can’t for operational reasons) reside on a starship, due to it’s homebase and closeness to the five core Federation member worlds.

Crew manifest Edit

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The Baton Rouge has a crew compliment of approximately 200 (a Cheyenne-class starship usually has a crew of 225, but due to personnel shortages throughout the entire Fleet, it is slightly understaffed), divided into multiple departments. Each department is headed by a senior officer holding at least the rank of Lieutenant, with a small number of officers supporting them. Each department also has either a Chief Petty Officer or Petty Officer 1st Class, who supervises the remainder of the department, consisting of enlisted personnel.

On the Baton Rouge, junior officers and enlisted personnel tend to serve six months to a year on board before transferring to another post; in contrast, many of the ship’s department heads and chiefs stay put for approximately three years.

Senior staff Edit

  • Commanding Officer:
    • Commander Gart Broox, Ph.D. (Betazoid male)
  • First Officer:
    • Commander Rriorr (Caitian male)
  • Second Officer:
    • Lieutenant Commander Dafir (Gallamite female)
  • Chief of the Boat:
    • Master Chief Petty Officer Salix (Vulcan male)
  • Chief of Operations:
    • Lieutenant Commander Dafir (Gallamite female)
  • Chief Engineer:
    • Lieutenant Jeremy Collins (Human male)
  • Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security:
    • Lieutenant Tomoran (Rigelian Chelon male)
  • Chief Science Officer:
    • Lieutenant Murdok (Benzite male)
  • Chief Medical Officer:
    • Lieutenant (Dr.) Maegyn Manx, M.D. (Cygnian female)

Officers of the watch Edit

The senior staff cannot be on duty every minute of every day. They have meetings to attend, away missions to embark on, and at least an entire shift (more or less) for rest and relaxation – not to mention they might need to go to the head. Therefore, it falls to the officers of the watch to run the bridge while the senior staff is otherwise occupied.

The officer of the watch is always a commissioned officer (not even the COB, the ship’s senior-most enlisted crewman, is rated for watch duty), and is usually a junior officer who is looking for either command experience or cross-specialized training or both. On the Baton Rouge, many of the ship’s commissioned officers have taken at least one shift as a bridge officer of the watch. There is also an officer of the watch in Main Engineering when the Chief Engineer isn't available.

Flight control personnel Edit

The flight control personnel of the Baton Rouge are responsible not just for piloting the ship itself, but also maintaining the ship’s navigation logs, plotting courses, and mapping the terrain. In addition, they are responsible for the ship’s three shuttlecrafts as well as the escape pods. They also perform general shipboard maintenance alongside members of the ship’s engineering department. On the Baton Rouge, the flight control division has the lowest number of enlisted personnel.

  • Ship’s helmsman:
    • Alpha shift: Lieutenant Tal-Azda (Grazerite male)
      • Ensign Brodine (Boslic female)
    • Beta shift: Lieutenant, junior grade Charr (Bolian male)
    • Gamma shift: Ensign Ni-Dreii (Efrosian male)
  • Ship’s navigator: Lieutenant Courtney Mouzes (Human female)
  • Astronomer’s mate: Astronomer’s Mate 2nd Class Cynthia Williams (Human female)
  • Plane captain:
    • Aviation Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Keen Arin (Bajoran male)
    • Avionics Technician 3rd Class T’Less (Vulcan female)

Operations personnel Edit

The Operations Division of the Baton Rouge is charged with managing all operations onboard ship. They are often the go-between and coordinators of the other divisions. The comm officer (who is responsible for all internal and external communication on board the ship) reports directly to the Chief of Operations.

  • Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Commander Dafir (Gallamite female)
  • Operations officer: Ensign Daniel “Dan” Newton (Human male)
  • Operations specialist:
    • Chief Operations Specialist Ja Moroe (Xepolite male)
    • Operations Specialist 2nd Class Gai min Grub (Tellarite male)
    • Operations Specialist 3rd Class
    • Operations Specialist 3rd Class
  • Communications officer: Lieutenant, junior grade Sylix (Saurian male)
  • Communications specialist:
    • Communications Electrician 2nd Class Sean Miller (Human male)
  • Linguistic specialist:
    • Cryptologic Technician 2nd Class Solon (Vulcan male)
  • Public affairs specialist:
    • Mass Communications Specialist 3rd Class Roob (Zaldan female)

Engineering personnel Edit

The biggest division on the ship, Baton Rouge’s Engineering Division is responsible for the ship’s engines, power, environmental controls (including and especially life support), transporters, and other key systems. They provide regular maintenance all over the ship.

  • Chief engineer: Lieutenant Jeremy Collins (Human male)
  • Assistant Chief Engineer: Lieutenant, junior grade Antholis “Tholis” ch’Revram (Andorian chan)
  • Master Chief Engineer: Master Chief Engineer’s Mate Michael “Mike” Taylor (Human male)
  • Junior engineering officer:
    • Lieutenant, junior grade James “Jim” Dalton (Human male)
    • Lieutenant, junior grade Victoria “Vic” Monroe (Human female)
    • Lieutenant, junior grade
    • Lieutenant, junior grade
    • Ensign Sykel (Vulcan male)
    • Ensign D5 Green (Nasat male)
    • Ensign Allison McDonald (Human female)
    • Ensign
    • Ensign
  • Warp engine chief: Senior Chief Engineer’s Mate Shakir Zayid (Human male)
  • Impulse engine chief: Senior Chief Engineer’s Mate Chim neg Prog (Tellarite male)
  • Transporter chief: Chief Transporter Technician Trope (Denobulan male)
  • Damage control chief: Chief Damage Controlman Silas Simekas (Gnalish male)
  • Leading holographic specialist: Engineer’s Mate 1st Class Ned Anderson (Human male)
  • Warp engineer:
    • Engineer’s Mate 1st Class Lana Ruiz (Human female)
    • Engineer’s Mate 2nd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 2nd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class
  • Impulse engineer:
    • Engineer’s Mate 1st Class Kevin O’Connell (Human male)
    • Engineer’s Mate 2nd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 2nd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class
    • Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class
  • Transporter technician:
    • Transporter Technician 2nd Class Nazir (Saurian female)
    • Transporter Technician 3rd Class Li Meru (Bajoran female)
  • Damage control technician:
    • Damage Controlman 1st Class Istan-Jon (Grazerite male)
    • Construction Mechanic 2nd Class Christopher “Chris” Neeley (Human male)
    • Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd Class Z9 Brown (Nasat female)
    • Structural Engineer 3rd Class Lucian Harris (Human male)
    • Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Adam James “A.J.” Powers (Human male)
  • Engineer:
    • Utilitiesman 1st Class Jeffrey “Jeff” Hacker (Human male)
    • Engineer’s Mate 3rd Class Exocomp “X” (Exocomp genderless)

Security personnel Edit

The second-largest division of the Baton Rouge, the Security Division is responsible for the safety of the ship and its crew. Like most ships, there is always at least one member of security stationed on the bridge and in Engineering at all times.

On the Baton Rouge, members of the Security Division not assigned to specific duties (such as fire control or weapons technicians) are broken up into teams of five, consisting of a security officer, a non-commissioned officer, and multiple security guards. Under Security Chief Tomoran, at least one member of each security team is an able medic and another an able engineer), and all are rated at least qualified marksmen.

  • Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security: Lieutenant Tomoran (Rigelian Chelon male)
  • Tactical Officer/Deputy Chief of Security: Lieutenant, junior grade Greshnar (Tellarite male)
  • Tactical officer:
    • Lieutenant, junior grade Krie’vik (Betelgeusian female)
    • Ensign Aitrin Ha Then (Triexian male)
  • Security Team Leaders:
    • Lieutenant, junior grade Greshnar (Tellarite male)
    • Lieutenant, junior grade Krie’vik (Betelgeusian female)
    • Ensign Aitrin Ha Then (Triexian male)
    • Ensign Harold “Harry” Atkinson (Human male)
    • Ensign Yoshi Matsumura (Human male)
  • Master-at-Arms: Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Telev sh’Rann (Andorian shen)
  • Armory chief: Chief Gunner’s Mate Thenar ch’Shan (Andorian chan)
  • Chief weapons specialist: Chief Fire Controlman Jason Shelton (Human male)
  • Security guard:
    • Chief Security Specialist Bruce Harmon (Human male)
    • Chief Security Specialist Andrew “Andy” Ellis (Human male)
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician 1st Class Abigail “Abbie” Dempsey (Human female)
    • Security Specialist 1st Class Angelo Vasquez (Human male)
    • Security Specialist 1st Class Tay’lor O’ullh (Damiani male)
    • Security Specialist 1st Class
    • Security Specialist 1st Class
    • Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class
    • Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Nguyen Kwon (Human male)
    • Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Amanda Boxer (Human female)
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class Goneff (Bolian male)
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Security Specialist 2nd Class
    • Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Elisabeth Marquardt (Human female)
    • Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Adam Turner (Human male)
    • Missile Technician 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class
    • Security Specialist 3rd Class

Sciences personnel Edit

The Science Division of the Baton Rouge is comprised largely of specialists of various disciplines, including but not limited to biology, chemistry, physics, astrophysics, stellar cartography, geology, and botany. The ship’s chief computer technician and cultural specialist also report directly of the Chief Science Officer, as does the Sensor Officer.

  • Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Murdok (Benzite male)
  • Sensor officer: Ensign Skorr (Vulcan male)
  • Ship’s historian: Ensign Bludel (Ullian female)
  • Chief computer technician: Chief Information Systems Technician Aleek-Awk (Aurelian male)
  • Cultural specialist: Chief Cultural Specialist (Dr.) T’Vol, Ph.D. (Vulcan female)
  • Ship’s biologist: Science Specialist 1st Class Bethany Collins (Human female)
  • Ship’s physicist: Science Specialist 1st Class (Dr.) Leonard Cooper, Ph.D. (Human male)
  • Ship’s astrophysicist: Science Specialist 2nd Class
  • Ship’s chemist: Science Specialist 2nd Class Barry Jones (Human male)
  • Ship’s stellar cartographer (de facto): Astronomer’s Mate 2nd Class Cynthia Williams (Human female)
  • Ship’s botanist: Science Specialist 3rd Class Neville Plante (Human male)
  • Ship’s geologist: Science Specialist 3rd Class
  • Ship’s archaeologist/anthropologist: Science Specialist
  • Sensor technician:
    • Sensor Technician 2nd Class
    • Sensor Technician 3rd Class
  • Ship’s cryptographer: Cryptologic Technician 2nd Class Amy Knudsen (Human female)

Medical personnel Edit

One of the smaller divisions of the Baton Rouge, the Medical Division consists of the Chief Medical Officer, Head Nurse, two assistant physicians, two junior nurses, ship’s Dentist, ship’s Counselor, and a handful of corpsmen. Due to the Chief Medical Officer’s preference, most of the medical personnel are females.

  • Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant (Dr.) Maegyn Manx, M.D. (Cygnian female)
  • Head nurse/Deputy Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant (Nurse) Michelle Callahan, RN (Human female)
  • Assistant physician:
    • Lieutenant, junior grade (Dr.) Jana glasch Vekar, M.D. (Tellarite female)
    • Lieutenant, junior grade (Chirugeon) Tivra zh’Vrees, M.D. (Andorian zhen)
  • Ship’s nurse:
    • Lieutenant, junior grade (Nurse) Tamara Hughes, RN (Human female)
    • Ensign (Nurse) Janice Carter, RN (Human female)
  • Ship’s dentist: Lieutenant, junior grade (Dr.) Kayla Sherman, D.D.S. (Human female)
  • Ship’s counselor: Lieutenant, junior grade (Counselor) Goldra, M.D. (Ithenite female)
  • Chief Corpsman: Chief Corpsman Antar Hosc, EMT (Trill (unjoined) male)
  • Corpsmen:
    • Corpsman 2nd Class (female)
    • Corpsman 2nd Class (female)
    • Corpsman 2nd Class Saltrin 217 “Sal”, EMT (Hermat dual-gender)
    • Corpsman 3rd Class Draco Snipes, EMT (Human male)
    • Corpsman 3rd Class (female)
    • Corpsman 3rd Class (female)
  • Leading medical laboratory technician: Corpsman 1st Class L’Nar (Vulcan female)
  • Leading pharmacy technician: Corpsman 1st Class Brittany “Britt” Cassidy (Human female)
  • Emergency Medical Hologram (Holographic female)

Supply personnel Edit

The division of the Baton Rouge responsible for the logistical and supply needs of the ship.

  • Logistics & Supply Officer: Lieutenant, junior grade Taylor Benson (Human female)
  • Quartermaster: Chief Ship’s Serviceman Zon glasch Preg (Tellarite male)
  • Records and personnel specialist: Personnel Specialist 1st Class Baeta Kedami (Betazoid/Zami female)
  • Food service specialist: Food Service Specialist 1st Class Darcy Cook (Iotian female)
  • Ship’s barber/hairdresser: Ship’s Serviceman 3rd Class Annabelle Perretti (Human female)
  • Ship’s librarian: Ship’s Serviceman 3rd Class Charles T. “Chaz” Cornthwaite (Human male)

Miscellaneous personnel Edit

  • Captain’s yeoman: Yeoman 1st Class Dominique Nicholls (Human female)
  • Intelligence specialist: Chief Intelligence Specialist T’Pran (Vulcan female)
  • Intelligence analyst: Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class James Ryan (Human male)

Civilians Edit

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