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Alexander Lavelle “Xander” Harris is the main character of Vampire Slayers Xander Harris Never Trained, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005. He is adapted from the fictional character of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer franchise portrayed by Nicholas Brendon.

Biography Edit

The heart and soul of the Scooby Gang, Xander Harris, born December 9, 1980, was irrevocably changed by the destruction of Sunnydale – he lost his hometown, numerous friends and acquaintances, his parents (although that was not a particularly big loss, it was still a loss), his (ex-) fiancée, and his eye. He spent ten months in Africa for Giles and the newly-reformed International Council of Slayers and Watchers, before returning to Cleveland, where he was relegated to the groups “man-bitch”. After three weeks, he was fed up, and in the aftermath of an altercation with Buffy (during which she insulted the woman at the bar he was chatting up and implied that one of the Slayers could satisfy any urge he might have), he took a leave of absence from the Council and struck out on his own.

While things eventually cooled down between him and the other Scoobies, Xander became a traveling field Watcher, building his own team of Slayers and support staff that worked with the ICSW, not for it, known as the Harris Cabal (aka the Harris Harem, due to the fact most of the Cabal was made up of women, with Xander as the leader). When not on the road, Xander has made his home in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, residing in a high-rise apartment at 301 West 53rd Street (the apartment previously belonged to legendary ex-NYPD Detective Lennie Briscoe, who passed away in 2005). In addition, he has his own room at the Giles estate in Bath, Somerset, England, as well as access to the guest room of Buffy’s, Willow’s and Dawn’s residences.

Some of the Slayers attached to the Harris Cabal over the years include Lucy Kinkirk, Carmen Cortez, Xiulan Kamiya, Lindsay Jordan, Amira Mahmoud, Amanda Roberts, Ashley Baker, and Courtney Johnson, along with Faith Lehane who works with the Cabal whenever she’s in the area. He was also the Watcher of Ashleigh Young, a Vampire Slayer who died defeating a Master Vampire in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, Natasha Taylor, a USMC brat who was killed in 2007 by a demon who’d gotten the drop on her, Brittany Clarke, who’s 6-month career as a Slayer ended tragically in – of all things – a car crash, and Emily Garrett, a former prostitute who had turned her life around and was murdered by an alternate version of Angelus during the breakdown of the multiverse in 2011. Since 2011, Xander has also partnered up with Dr. Dawn Summers, Buffy’s younger sister and now a fully-fledged Watcher, and her Slayer, Ally Wheeler, on multiple occasions.

Shortly after the establishment of the Harris Cabal, Xander was visited by the one and only Count Dracula, who came to New York City to request (i.e. demand) Xander’s help. It turned out that Dracula had lost his super-vampire powers in a card game and now wanted Xander to help him get them back. While reluctant to help his “master”, Xander understood the danger of other vampires having Dracula’s powers and so, with his Vampire Slayers Lucy, Ashleigh, and Carmen at his back, Xander and Dracula fought side-by-side to return Dracula’s powers to their rightful owner and vanquish the vampires who’d taken them. After that, Xander and the Count have been called “frenemies” by Xander’s protégés.

Due to his close relationship with the US Government (re: he’s the only member of the Scooby Gang who can play nice with American politicians and military brass), Xander was made a Special Agent of Homeland Security Investigations, with all of the responsibilities and privileges therein, in 2005 (after completing the mandatory 56-day training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia); he was promoted to the rank of Inspector in 2011. In his capacity as a Homeland Security Inspector, Xander investigates various crimes committed by Hostile Sub-Terrestrials (the official US designation for demons), and usually works with Xiulan, who, at the age of 21, joined the Department of Homeland Security as a HSI agent. In 2012, Xander used his government connections to wrangle an invitation to Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia to attend the decommissioning ceremony of the U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65); during this momentous occasion, he was introduced to and got to salute and shake the hand of the Enterprise’s captain and Command Master Chief.

One of his first acts as a HSI agent was to assist his newfound friends and allies – Liz, Max, and Isabel Evans, Michael Guerin, Maria DeLuca, and Kyle Valenti – return home to Roswell, New Mexico after being on the run for over three years by getting them placed under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeworld Security. He also worked with the government to create a special kind of ammunition for his bullets that would be effective against the forces of darkness. Working together, they were successful; although the “demon killer ammo” was originally designed for a .45 ACP round (Xander’s preferred weapon), they were later able to incorporate .380 ACP, 9×19mm, .40 S&W, and even .38 Special and FN 5.7×28mm rounds with their DKA.

In 2006, Xander was called in to assist Major Riley Finn and his HST Combat Unit in his capacity as a HSI agent when they nearly started a war with an organization of both hostile and non-hostile demons. With Xander and his Cabal as mediators, both sides were able to walk away relatively unscathed. However, this brought him into conflict with Riley, who has very different beliefs than him when it comes to “hostile sub-terrestrials”, and their friendship has yet to fully recover. It was during this time he engaged in a brief relationship with Riley’s Staff Judge Advocate, Captain Susan Cambridge.

A few months later, Xander was forced to take action against a rogue Vampire Slayer in Dallas. Despite his best efforts to get her to stop abusing her powers (her most heinous act was to knock over a bank), Xander, backed by Captain Cordell Walker and the Texas Rangers of Company “B”, was forced to shoot her dead. Her dying look of contempt for being killed by normal mortals haunted Xander for many months, which led to more than one all-night drinking binge during that time.

On New Year’s Eve just prior to 2007, Xander and his Cabal journeyed to San Francisco to prevent a demonic Ascension set for midnight on the New Year. While there, they ran afoul of the Charmed Ones – Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews – who were also looking to stop the impending end of the world. While the Charmed Ones were not convinced that a mortal such as Xander, even with five Vampire Slayers by his side, could succeed without their help (even after discovering that he’d played a hand in defeating the last Ascension attempt in 1999), he was able to prove them wrong; in fact, it was his bullet (albeit one of his special demon killer bullets) that injured the wannabe Big Bad from Ascending into a pure demon (unlike Mayor Wilkins, this guy didn’t cast an invulnerability spell) long enough for his Slayers to pump him full of lead. Having earned a little respect from the Charmed Ones, Xander was able to establish a friendly acquaintanceship with the three most powerful witches on West Coast. Since then, the Cabal and the Charmed Ones have consulted from time to time, and Paige took on the duties of whitelighter to Xander and his Cabal.

In 2008, Xander was passing through LA when he saved the life of Chelsea Brown, a pornographic actress who was born in Sunnydale. Xander recognized Chelsea from her videos, and she recognized him from Sunnydale (he’d previously saved her life in the summer of 2002). The two got to talking, and they eventually began a relationship. However, it was not meant to be, and they broke up. Nevertheless, Chelsea remains a friend and a member of the Harris Cabal, and the two of them have had occasional one-night stands since then.

Since their first meeting, Xander and Jack O’Neill have become friends. Shortly after Jack’s promotion to Lieutenant General in 2009, the two spent a Saturday at Jack’s cabin in Minnesota fishing, drinking beer, and swapping stories. However, since both Xander and Jack individually are trouble magnets, by putting them together everybody knew something was going to happen…and happen it did. Their relaxing day turned into escape from the captivity of a minor Goa’uld, who sought to make a name for himself by killing the legendary Jack O’Neill. Working together like they were longtime comrades, Xander and Jack were able to kill the Goa’uld, highjack the ha’tak (which Jack finally got to name the Homer Simpson), and fly it back to Earth. A few years later, Xander attended Jack’s retirement party/the annual Christmas party at Stargate Command.

In 2009, Xander met Maureen Stabler, a 24-year-old social worker, when he petitioned the court for custody of Amanda Roberts, a 12-year-old orphan who happened to be a Vampire Slayer. Maureen and Xander hit it off, but after a month of dating, they decided they were better off being just friends (later upgraded to friends-with-benefits and then a return to exclusivity). In 2010, he and Maureen had a pregnancy scare; upon learning that she wasn’t pregnant, both Xander and Maureen were equal parts relieved and disappointed.

In 2010, Xander was investigated by the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit when he was assaulted and his ward, Amanda, was kidnapped. Fortunately, the case was quickly wrapped up as Amanda was able to resist and then subdue her attacker; although some of the police officers involved in investigating Xander – who felt he was “hinky” – were disappointed to be pulled off the case, it was closed because the victim was alive and the perpetrator in custody.

A few weeks later, Xander was wounded in an assassination attempt; while on a double date with Maureen and her parents, Elliot and Kathy Stabler, an assassin threw a grenade into the restaurant they were eating at. Xander took the brunt of the explosion, but between his body armor and his protective amulet, he only suffered multiple broken ribs, a concussion, and temporary hearing loss. Meanwhile, the ICSW (particularly the Harris Cabal) was outraged, while the NYPD considered it an attack on a police officer, leading both sides to launch an immediate manhunt for the assassin. In the end, the assassin committed suicide to prevent being taken alive. It took him almost a month to return to top fighting form.

In the aftermath of Sunnydale’s destruction, Xander’s relationship with both Buffy and Willow began to deteriorate – Xander felt that the power they wielded had begun to corrupt them, while Buffy and Willow felt guilty that Xander (the normal one) had lost his eye and that they needed to protect him from anything and everything supernatural. Fortunately, Willow missed her Xander-shaped best friend too much to stay mad at him for too long, and repaired their friendship within a year of their breakup; it took Buffy longer, but after she began turning her life around, she and Xander were able to reconcile. By 2010, the three core members of the Scooby Gang were close friends again, and the Harris Cabal began working much closer with the ICSW.

In 2011, the barriers between the multiverse began to weaken, resulting in various crossovers and upsetting the Grand Design. Xander was selected by both Higher and Lower Beings to travel to a few other universes to try and figure out exactly what was going on. Having lost one of his charges to a version of Angelus from an alternate-universe (one where he never received his soul in 1898), Xander was more than happy to investigate. He was given a special pendant courtesy of D’Hoffryn, Master of the Vengeance Demons, that would allow him to transport between various universes.

His first stop was the universe from which Angelus came. While there wasn’t much he could do about the multiverse from there, he did assist the Vampire Slayer of that universe in avenging the death of his Slayer. He spent a few days in a few other timelines, before finally locating one that was having the same problems with unwelcome crossovers.

In this universe, Buffy Summers never moved to Sunnydale in 1997. Instead, she went on to have an illustrious career as a traveling Slayer until she failed her Cruciamentum test on her 18th birthday and met her end at the hands of Zachary Kralik. Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, the Master completed the Harvest ritual and escaped captivity, which allowed the Order of Aurelius to conquer the town. However, the Master’s reign was a short one as he and his most trusted minions, including Darla and Luke, were all stabbed in the back by a group of recently-turned fledglings. With the Order dismantled, life in Sunnydale seemed to return to normal…

When Xander arrived in this reality, he was shocked by the way things turned out for his hometown, even more so than he was in the five previous alternate universes he’d visited – his counterpart was the owner and operator of the Bronze, with Larry Blaisdell as his head bouncer and Harmony Kendall as his secretary; Willow was the high school principal; Tara Maclay ran the joint public and high school library; Kyle DuFours worked at the Sunnydale Zoo; Devon MacLeish and Oz walk a beat together on the Sunnydale PD; and Cordelia had just been re-elected Mayor of Sunnydale for the third consecutive time.

Xander quickly learned that this universe was the epicenter of the multiversal disturbances. It turns out that those “recently-turned fledglings” that overthrew the Master were all members of Sunnydale High School Class of ’99. Between him, Willow, and Cordelia, they refused to bow to the Master and orchestrated a coup d’état. Xander himself killed the Master while wearing the Gem of Amara, which had been located in a tomb that had been uncovered during the Master’s escape during the Harvest and granted him increased powers and invulnerability to all vampiric weaknesses. After the coup was complete, he gave the ring to Willow and her witch friend Amy in an effort to duplicate the ring’s effects as they finished high school and then took over the town.

In the years that had passed, Willow had learned how to wield magic as a vampire, and the multiversal disturbances were being caused by her attempt to quench her ever-growing thirst for more magic, more power, and more knowledge. Going against his better instincts, Xander negotiated with his counterpart – in exchange for force-feeding Willow a power-stripping potion (which would prevent any further degradation of the multiverse but still allow her to live), Xander agreed to provide him with information regarding his universe, including but not limited to names of Vampire Slayers (or potential Slayers in this universe), powerful magical practitioners such as the Charmed Ones, and notes on various Higher or Lower Beings. Xander returned to his universe with the knowledge that while he may have just saved the entire multiverse, that particular universe would be under the sociopathic rule of his counterpart.

Upon his return, he gave a full briefing about his multiversal travels to the ICSW and his own team, who were all as shocked as he was about their own and/or their friends and acquaintances’ counterparts.

In 2012, Xander and most of his Cabal attended the memorial service for Solak of the Miquot Clan, Dawn’s boyfriend who’d been murdered by a racist demon hunter.

In 2013, Xander, Buffy, and Willow organized the Sunnydale 10-year reunion, designed to serve as both a high school reunion and a memorial to the town and everybody they lost. His entire group attended the event to support their leader and remember the fallen. Later that year, he and many members and associates of the Cabal, including Lucy, Ruthie, Savannah, Carmen, Cody, Xiulan, Lindsay, Amira, Amanda, Steve, Dawn, Ally, Chelsea, and Maureen all attended George Strait’s sold-out Cowboy Rides Away concert at Madison Square Garden. Also that year, Amanda, now 16, sued the New York Family Court for emancipation on the grounds that she was now old enough and mature enough to no longer need Xander to be her legal guardian.

On May 20, 2015, Xander was grief-stricken when Giles, his mentor and father-figure of the past 20 years, suffered a heart attack and passed away at the age of 61. Having been informed by Giles’ passing by a sobbing Andrew Wells, Xander elected to spare the geek the unfortunate duty of notifying the rest of the Scooby Gang and the ICSW at large. He later learned that Giles had named him his successor as head of the International Council of Slayers and Watchers, and he took over from Robin Wood, who had served as the interim head of the Council.

Upon taking the position of head of the ICSW, Xander tendered his resignation from Homeland Security, due to both his new duties and the potential conflict of interest.

Personal life Edit

Xander’s usual clothing style consists of comfortable blue jeans and tank-tops and t-shirts under casual button-down shirts, with Army Combat Boots, and occasionally body-armor under his shirts. He owns a couple cheap suits, a single very expensive suit, and a tuxedo for special occasions, along with a set of Army BDUs. He generally wears an Omega Seamaster wristwatch, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a groin-protection cup, and uses a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. He used to drive a Pepsi-blue 2001 Ford F-150 pickup truck (a gift/severance package from his old construction company he’d received in the aftermath of the destruction of Sunnydale and the loss of his eye) until it was destroyed in 2011; he replaced it with a brand-new silver 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

After graduating from high school, Xander attempted to go on a cross-country road trip inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, but he never made it past Oxnard. Since the destruction of Sunnydale, he has accomplished his dream of visiting all 50 states (although he didn’t drive to all of them), and has also stepped foot on all seven continents (including one very memorable trip to Antarctica).

Those who knew him in high school would be shocked by the four side-by-side bookcases filled with books that line a wall of his apartment. Those who knew him well would not be surprised that about two and a half of the four bookcases contained comic books, science-fiction/fantasy literature, Tom Clancy novels, and even a few “male magazines”, and the rest of the third bookcase had various carpentry and construction books. Those who considered him a close friend, however, like the Scooby Gang, were flummoxed by the fact that he had three of the bookcase’s six shelves filled with books on military history and strategy, and the remaining bookcase had books of no particular genre or theme, including $20 copies of The Complete Works of William ShakespeareThe Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, and The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy from Barnes & Noble. Even more surprising would be the fact that not only had he read those books, but that they had been thoroughly thumbed-through. On top of the bookcases rested models of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701), the U.S.S. Enterprise (CV-6), the Titanic, and the Millennium Falcon. A few other “collectible” action figures from various sci-fi and fantasy shows decorated the room. He is a regular patron at Midtown Comics, coming in once every month or so to pick up the latest comic books and graphic novels.

Romantic relationships Edit

While he could never be described as a womanizer, Xander has had his fair share of love interests, girlfriends and lovers, including but not limited to Buffy, the girl of his dreams in high school, Natalie French, a substitute teacher at Sunnydale High who turned out to be a giant virgin-killing praying mantis demon, Ampata Gutierrez, an Incan mummy girl, Cordelia Chase, his high school rival-turned-sweetheart, Willow Rosenberg, his best friend who once upon a time nursed a giant crush on him, Faith who, back in 1999, took his virginity, Anya Jenkins, an ex-Vengeance Demon who he left at the alter and who later died during the Battle of Sunnydale, Dawn, who’s had a crush on him since childhood and once seduced him into her bed not long after her 18th birthday, Lissa, a demon working for the First Evil, Kelly Gaines, a detective with the Cleveland PD with whom Xander had a one-night stand with in 2004, Susan Cambridge, a JAG officer attached to Riley Finn’s HST Combat Unit, Ziva David, a Mossad Liaison Officer to NCIS that he spent a weekend with, Chelsea Brown, a pornstar born and raised in Sunnydale, and Maureen Stabler. He’s often been teased for being a “demon-magnet”, as many of his love interests have been supernatural or evil or both. In addition, he’s both a gentleman and a chauvinist, despite working with a bunch of females that could easily break him into pieces. While dating and later engaged to Anya, Xander became a Viking in the sack (and Anya was originally from Scandinavia and married to a literal Viking, so she knows what she’s talking about!).

Since his trip through the multiverse in 2011 (and even before that with his and Maureen’s pregnancy scare a few months earlier), Xander has been giving thought to settling down and starting a family. Having seen alternate versions of himself who are fathers led him to do some soul searching to determine if he even wanted to be a father some day.

Education and employment Edit

Unlike his friends (and many of his older charges), Xander never went to college, but instead entered the work force upon graduating high school; however, what he lacks in traditional education he makes up for in practical, hands-on experience. Over the years, he’s had many jobs, including dishwasher, male stripper, food vendor, phone-sex operator, pizza deliveryman, bartender, and construction worker/carpenter (the last of which he held until the destruction of Sunnydale and the loss of his eye).

Since 2003, he’s been employed as a Senior Field Watcher for the International Council of Slayers and Watchers, where he earns $100,000 a year, in addition to medical, dental, travel and hazard pay when applicable. He was asked to attend the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, in order to become a certified federal agent with Homeland Security Investigations in 2005. In 2006, after helping out Major Riley Finn and his HST Combat Unit, Xander was invited to attend United States Army Ranger School at Fort Benning; upon completion, he was presented with the Ranger Tab.

In 2015, after the death of Rupert Giles, Xander was appointed head of the International Council of Slayers and Watchers.

Superpowers, weapons and equipment Edit

While Xander has no inherit magical abilities or superpowers unlike the rest of the Scooby Gang (leading everyone to underestimate him), he is “the one that sees everything”, including his friends’, his allies’, and his enemies’ flaws and strengths, more clearly than anyone else simply because no one was looking at him. It was this ability – his insight, empathy, and understanding – was what prompted Caleb to take Xander’s eye. He is also a reluctant linguist; besides speaking fluent (albeit Californian American) English, Xander can speak, read, and write some Spanish, French, Arabic, Swahili, and snippets of a few others, along with Klingon. While attending FLETC, Xander took the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (5th edition) test that measured his IQ at 115, which is considered high average intelligence.

Like all members of his Cabal, Xander carries a firearm – in his case, a two-toned Colt MK IV Series 80 Combat Elite in .45 ACP, with a blued Walther PPK/S in .380 ACP as his backup weapon (with both regular and his specially-made “demon killer ammo”), as well as a USMC Ka-Bar combat knife. Thanks to his friendship with Lt. Gen. Jack O’Neill, Xander is also the proud yet secret owner of a zat’nik’tel, or zat gun, a weapon used by the Goa’uld and their Jaffa and has since been appropriated by Stargate Command personnel. He is an excellent tactician and marksman, and has knowledge of military training, tactics, codes, etc., due to his possession by Master Sergeant Alexander Harris, a Special Ops soldier who served in the Vietnam War, on Halloween 1997 (although the skills atrophied until he recovered them after Sunnydale was destroyed). During his time with the Scooby Gang (and later the ICSW), Xander was made a Watcher by Giles, despite the fact that he had no formal training. In 2006, Xander learned of a magical tattoo that prevents them from being fed on by vampires and renders them immune to the most basic magical spells and potions; he immediately went out and got one on his right bicep and insisted on all of his charges getting one as well.

Xander is also notorious for defying prophecy, resolving many, avoiding some, and even outright thwarting a few. His knack for defying prophecy began in high school when he resuscitated Buffy after she drowned while fighting the Master.

Injuries and illnesses Edit

Xander has numerous scars and injuries, most notably the one eye (the other was gouged out by Caleb days before the destruction of Sunnydale) with a scar beneath it and a large scar on his chest from a claw attack. He’s also had concussions, broken bones, been stabbed, shot, cut, burned, blown up, and bitten by vampires, all of which he’s recovered from.

In addition to his physical injuries suffered over the years, Xander has also been a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder and survivor’s guilt. This was especially prevalent in the aftermath of Sunnydale’s destruction and aggravated by his first time taking human lives in Africa. He finally recovered after separating from the ICSW and forming the Harris Cabal. His PTSD resurfaced in 2006 after being forced to kill a rogue Vampire Slayer.

Awards and decorations Edit

Xander is a recipient of the following awards:

  • Presidential Citizens Medal – Awarded in 2005 by the President of the United States for “exemplary deeds or services performed for his or her country or fellow citizens” for his actions in Sunnydale (including the prevention of the apocalypse)
  • George Medal – Awarded in 2005 by the Queen of England for “…acts of great bravery” for his actions in Sunnydale (including the prevention of the apocalypse)
  • National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal – Awarded for providing crucial intelligence to the US Intelligence Community regarding an African warlord who was looking to use magic to rule over the entire continent
  • Joint Civilian Service Achievement Award – Awarded to him by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for his contribution to the creation of the demon killer ammunition used by soldiers to protect themselves and the people they protect from hostile sub-terrestrials
  • Ranger tab – Awarded in 2006 upon completion of the United States Army Ranger School at Fort Benning

Kill count Edit

Xander is regarded as the best non-magical human to fight against the forces of darkness of his generation, with over 15 years “in the field” and hundreds of vampires, scores of demons, and 13 human kills under his belt. He killed his first three humans in Africa – he came across a group of mercenaries who were gunning for a Slayer he was tracking and was forced to use lethal force to defend himself. He has since killed human criminals, magic-users, and, unfortunately, a rogue Vampire Slayer who refused to be rehabilitated.

Alternate versions Edit

In one of the alternate universes Xander visited in 2011, Xander retired from the Good Fight after the fourth and final death of Buffy and the destruction of Sunnydale in 2003. Since then, he has worked his way up the corporate ladder at a multinational construction company culminating in his current position of Vice President-in-Charge of Projects and Planning. This Xander lives in San Francisco with his wife, Dawn Harris (née Summers), and their two children, Jesse Rupert Harris (b. 2006) and Joyce Elizabeth Summers (b. 2008).

In another alternate universe, Xander married Anya as planned in 2002, but she tragically died in childbirth some ten months later. Subsequently, Xander is raising their daughter, Jessica Harris, as a single father in Sunnydale. He still hangs out with and assists the Scooby Gang against the Forces of Darkness, but his top priority is his daughter.

In another alternate universe, things were practically the same except for one thing – Xander was gay. He came out in high school, dating the school quarterback Larry Blaisdell. The two were both named Homecoming King in 1998, much to their surprise. Tragically, Larry lost his life on Graduation Day at the tail of Mayor Wilkins. Almost a year later, Xander found love with 1st Lieutenant Graham Miller, one of the soldiers of the Initiative, although they kept it on the down low due to the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. When Graham’s close friend and immediate superior, Captain Riley Finn, discovered the affair, he ordered Graham to end it, lest he be dishonorably discharged from the Army. Graham refused and instead resigned his commission, but after breaking up with Xander some six months later, Riley was able to get him reinstated to his team. Since then, there have been a few relationships, but for the most part, Xander focused on fighting the Good Fight.

In another alternate universe, Xander is a sociopathic vampire who, along with his friends and classmates, took over Sunnydale in the late ’90s while still in high school after literally stabbing (actually, staking) the Master in the back. In the vein of all evil-universe counterparts, Xander has a meticulous goatee. He is the owner & operator of the Bronze, and is a member (if not the boss) of every organized crime racket in Sunnydale. He is also a regular harem master, with a number of women at his beck and call for sexual relations from the MILFs in their 40s suffering from midlife crises to high school girls looking to explore their burgeoning sexuality. Xander teamed up with his reluctant counterpart in order to force-feed Willow a power-stripping potion after she endangered the fabric of the multiverse in exchange for with information regarding his universe, including but not limited to names of Vampire Slayers (or potential Slayers in this universe), powerful magical practitioners such as the Charmed Ones, and notes on various Higher or Lower Beings.

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