Harris, xander (wishverse)
Xander’s counterpart from an alternate universe, Alexander Lavelle “Xander” Harris is a sociopathic vampire who, along with his friends and classmates, took over Sunnydale in the late ’90s while still in high school. He is the de facto leader of the Hellfire Club (which is the most commonly-used name for the vampires of the Sunnydale High Class of ’99). In the vein of all great evil-universe counterparts, Xander has a meticulous goatee.

Xander is a minor, yet significant character of Vampire Slayers Xander Harris Never Trained, a fanfiction story written by Little_kingsfan2005.

Biography Edit

In this universe, Buffy Summers never moved to Sunnydale in 1997. Instead, she went on to have an illustrious career as a traveling Slayer until she failed her Cruciamentum test on her 18th birthday and met her end at the hands of Zachary Kralik. Meanwhile, back in Sunnydale, the Master completed the Harvest ritual and escaped captivity, which allowed the Order of Aurelius to conquer the town. However, the Master’s reign was a short one as he and his most trusted minions, including Darla and Luke, were all stabbed in the back by a group of recently-turned fledglings. With the Order dismantled, life in Sunnydale seemed to return to normal…

However, it turns out that those “recently-turned fledglings” that overthrew the Master were all members of Sunnydale High School Class of ’99. Between him, Willow, and Cordelia, they refused to bow to the Master and orchestrated a coup d’état. Xander himself killed the Master while wearing the Gem of Amara, which had been located in a tomb that had been uncovered during the Master’s escape during the Harvest and granted him increased powers and invulnerability to all vampiric weaknesses. After the coup was complete, he gave the ring to Willow and her witch friend Amy in an effort to duplicate the ring’s effects as they finished high school and then took over the town. Once things settled down, Xander attended UC Sunnydale in order to sleep with and turn coeds (he also incidentally managed to gain a business degree).

In 2003, the Vampire Slayer came to town. Xander and his group were able to convince her and her Watcher that the hellmouth was completely under control and in no danger of being opened. However, the reassurance of a group of vampires was unacceptable to Quentin Travers, the Head of the Watcher’s Council, who ordered the Slayer to pacify the vampires’ occupation of the town along with the assistance of the Watchers’ hit squad and mercenaries hired from the Order of Teraka. The attempted takeover of Sunnydale was halted when the Watchers’ forces attacked a political function that was being attended by several VIPs, including the Governor of California, members of the California State Assembly and Senate, Sunnydale’s US Congressman, and the newly-elected Mayor of Sunnydale, Cordelia Chase. In the aftermath of the battle (during which a State Senator was killed), the Governor got in touch with the President of the United States and theBritish Ambassador, which culminated in the Watchers being forced by their home government to leave Sunnydale alone.

By 2011, Xander was the owner and operator of the Bronze, Sunnydale’s premier social club, and is also heavily involved in various illegal activities; in fact, he is a member (if not the boss) of every organized crime racket in Sunnydale: drugs, weapons, gambling, human trafficking, organ trafficking, magic – you name it, he has a hand in it.

That year, Xander met his counterpart from a universe where the Harvest never happened and as such lived a completely different life (most significantly, that Xander wasn’t a vampire). The other Xander had come to his universe because the barriers between the multiverse began to weaken, resulting in various crossovers and upsetting the Grand Design. The two Xanders learned that the multiversal disturbances were being caused by Willow in an attempt to quench her ever-growing thirst for more magic, more power, and more knowledge. Xander was convinced to force-feed Willow a power-stripping potion in exchange for information regarding the other universe, including but not limited to names of Vampire Slayers (or potential Slayers in this universe), powerful magical practitioners such as the Charmed Ones, and notes on various Higher or Lower Beings.

As it turns out, the alternate version of Xander was right to fear what might become of the information he provided. A week after meeting his counterpart (and making sure Willow was alright without her magic), Xander left Sunnydale in order to take advantage of the information he’d received. His first stop was San Francisco, where he was able to befriend the Charmed Ones, Piper Halliwell-Wyatt, Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews. He earned some goodwill by assisting them with vanquishing a particularly-bothersome demon and earned more by buying out P3, Piper’s club, when he learned that they were in financial distress (of course, what he didn’t tell them was that he was aware of the club’s financial situation thanks to a complete investigation performed by Lilah and her team at Wolfram & Hart). Before moving on to his next destination, he slept with the two unmarried Charmed Ones, Phoebe and Paige.

After San Francisco, Xander headed out on a cross-country six-month road trip, expanding his personal and professional relationships, added to his network of contacts, and created both new childer and harem members. He made stops in Colorado Springs (where he met Brigadier General Samantha Carter-O’Neill, Commander of the SGC, and her husband, retired Major General Jack O’Neill), Metropolis, Kansas City, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Mystic Falls, Tree Hill, New Orleans, Dallas, Roswell, Las Vegas, Glen Oak, and finally Los Angeles before returning to Sunnydale.

His one intolerance is child abusers; as a former abused child, Xander makes it a point to torture and kill any and all child abusers he comes across. Two of the first people Xander killed were his abusive parents, and for Willow’s girlfriend/sex-toy Tara, he massacred the entire extended Maclay family in Birmingham, Alabama before having his way with her in her childhood home.

However, Xander’s life hasn’t been all roses and sex. He lost his best friend, Jesse McNally, during the coup to overthrow the Master, and his friend and fellow coup participant Jonathan Levinson to Warren Mears, a classmate who wanted in on the life of hedonism. Two of Xander’s childer fell victim to the Initiative, the US government’s attempt to study and hopefully control “hostile sub-terrestrials” such as vampires and demons, before he ran them out of town. He spent almost four months under the curse of a Vengeance demon when a one-night stand of Xander’s wished that his sex drive be as dead as his vampire body; he was finally able to get the curse undone by destroying Anyanka’s power center. He has been the victim of numerous assassination attempts.

Over the years, Xander and his friends have tried to come up with a name for their group, particularly their inner circle; among them are Xander’s Angels (which was summarily rejected by Cordelia), the Scooby Gang (also quickly quashed), and the Hellfire Club (coined by Jesse McNally, it is the most commonly used name for the group, although not every member likes it).

Family Edit

Xander’s biological family is all but extinct – he either killed or turned every one of his relatives except for his young cousin, Karen Harris, whom he spared.

His vampire family, however, continues to grow to this day, as he continually sires new vampires and adds to his harem. He was sired by the Master, along with Willow and Cordelia, which makes them the vampire equivalent of siblings.

Childer Edit

This is a (partial) list of all of the vampires known to be sired by Xander: 

  • Charles Gunn
  • Connie Rubirosa
  • Lucas Scott
  • Nathan Scott

Harem members Edit

At any given time, Xander has a number of women at his beck and call for sexual relations from the MILFs in their 40s suffering from midlife crises to high school girls looking to explore their burgeoning sexuality (however, he has no sexual interest in pre-pubescents and will not even consider exploiting them in any way). He lost his virginity to Willow the day after they became vampires and the two have been regular bedmates ever since.

This is a (partial) list of all of the known members of Xander’s harem: 

  • Harmony Kendall
  • Janice Penshaw
  • Alonna Gunn
  • Lilah Morgan
  • Bay Kennish
  • Daphne Vasquez
  • Maureen Stabler
  • Kathleen Stabler
  • Alexis Castle
  • Max Black
  • Caroline Channing
  • Brooke Davis
  • Peyton Sawyer
  • Haley James Scott
  • Lucy Kinkirk
  • Ruthie Camden

Superpowers, weapons and equipment Edit

As a vampire, Xander possesses all the usual powers and abilities of his species, such as superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, accelerated healing, enhanced emotions, mind compulsion, and a natural proficiency with virtually all forms of weaponry and unarmed combat styles. He drives a BMW 3 Series convertible and carries a M1911A1 in .45 ACP and a Gil Hibben 1999 Jackal dagger that he took from the late Mayor Richard Wilkins. He also has access to the Gem of Amara, which increases his physical powers and renders him invulnerable to all vampiric weaknesses; however, after numerous theft attempts, he faked the Gem’s destruction and stored it in a safety deposit box; these days, he wears a daylight protection ring that allows him to walk in the sunlight, but does not protect him from any other vampiric weaknesses (including but not limited to fire, wood, werewolf’s bite, or vervain). He lives in the Crawford Street mansion.

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